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Kel Kade is the author of the King’s Dark Tidings (KDT) series. Free the Darkness (Book 1) and Reign of Madness (Book 2) of the KDT series are available for purchase now.

Kel Kade lives in Texas and occasionally serves as an adjunct college faculty member, inspiring young minds and introducing them to the fascinating and very real world of geosciences. Thanks to Kade’s enthusiastic readers and the success of the King’s Dark Tidings series, Kade is now able to create universes spanning space and time, develop criminal empires, plot the downfall of tyrannous rulers, and dive into fantastical mysteries full time.

Growing up, Kade lived a military lifestyle of traveling to and living in new places. These experiences with distinctive cultures and geography instilled in Kade a sense of wanderlust and opened a young mind to the knowledge that the Earth is expansive and wild. A deep interest in science, ancient history, cultural anthropology, art, music, languages, and spirituality is evidenced by the diversity and richness of the places and cultures depicted in Kade’s writing.

    Posted at 15:27h, 12 August Reply

    Please could you let me know a rough date for the release of KDT 5?

    Is it even being worked upon?

  • JF
    Posted at 20:31h, 29 June Reply

    when is KDT 5 coming out. This is, hand’s down, one of the best series I have ever read. It is well written.

  • Jake Harper
    Posted at 12:58h, 25 June Reply

    Is Kel kade a male or female? Personally I think it’s a fake name for a well know author. If you notice the “about” paragraphs above, it is carefully written to never say “he” or “she”. In fact , I am now wondering if Kel put clues in the paragraphs to see if one of his/her readers can identify the true identity of “Kel Kade”.

    • Area Man
      Posted at 23:12h, 14 August Reply

      Does it matter? More importantly…when is KDT5 being released?

  • Bryan Dean
    Posted at 18:55h, 17 June Reply

    Just saw some stuff on twitter about your book expo panel. I have to say I learned something that had me shocked. No really, I’m shook. It’s hard to realize how much assumptions can become your delusional reality until you get metaphorically slapped in the face.

    KDT is one of my favorite stories of all, and by far the one I re-read/listen to the most. Thanks for writing them 🙂

  • Jimmy Dye
    Posted at 13:07h, 14 June Reply

    I was wondering when the next book will be out in the king’s dark tidings series

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