Shroud of Prophecy Update

Shroud of Prophecy Update

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.55.04 PMDue to all the hype about the upcoming release of Kingdoms and Chaos (KDT 4), which is available for pre-order now (ebook) and releases on September 7th, I may have forgotten to mention that I also finished the first draft of my new upcoming series with Tor Books called Shroud of Prophecy.

I haven’t heard from my Tor editor in a couple of days, so I’m afraid he either fell into the story and decided not to come out, or he’s trying to figure out how to tell me to rewrite the whole thing. Oh, the suspense!


  • Vincent Coultre
    Posted at 14:02h, 15 October Reply

    I have a theory from reading the first two books, that the prophecy doesn’t refer to Mathias at all, but it is actually Aaslo.
    “He who bears the mark of the world will call upon the light, and within that light, shadows will swarm the enemy. Death to the god-bearers, he will stay the righteous hand, and bless this land with life reclaimed from their destrucion.”
    Aaslo is always covered in dirt and leaves, bearing the mark of the land. He raises the dead, which are the shadows that swarm the enemy, and also the life reclaimed from their destruction. Also, Aaslo’s prophecy shows only death, but that is referring to the dead He raises, not the death of himself and those around him. Good job Kade, with the misdirection.

    • Justin Hill
      Posted at 16:51h, 22 February Reply

      I also theorized this part way through the first book. My thought was he technically is bearing the mark since Mathias’ had has the mark and he’s always carrying his head. Can’t wait to see if it’s true!

  • Josh
    Posted at 12:34h, 24 August Reply

    When do you think book 3 will be released? I just finished book 2 and I’m excited to see the end!

  • Susie Muenster
    Posted at 08:28h, 17 July Reply

    When is the third book in the Shroud of Prophecy coming out?

  • Melissa Allen
    Posted at 22:50h, 29 June Reply

    I love your work. Me and my family are mesmerized by your writing. We love that you have Nick Podehl as the narrator . We tell anyone looking for a good read or audio book, to hit up anything you write. Thank you for all the work you put into the books you write.

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 15:16h, 01 October Reply

      I appreciate your readership and support. Thank you for sharing this with your family.

  • Wish
    Posted at 17:48h, 03 October Reply

    I’ve loved fate of the fallen. Will there be a book after destiny of the dead?

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 14:19h, 20 October Reply

      I am currently working on the third book in the trilogy, “Sanctum of the Soul.”

      • Pawel
        Posted at 20:31h, 28 May Reply

        I just finished Destiny of the Dead. I have never posted any comments before but the two books are so good that I can not wait for the third one. I really like the unpredictability of the story and the humor.

  • Mary Spadafora
    Posted at 15:35h, 09 December Reply

    I love the KDT series and can’t wait for book 5. I’m sorry to hear of the illnesses and injuries over the last few months, but it has been over a year since you published book 4. I have listened to all 4 books so many times my husband says I know the stories better than the author. Why did you introduce a new series before finishing the KDT series? Please complete KDT. I am on pins and needles waiting. I also read the new book and love it but still want to have closure.

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