Amazon Kel Kade Forum Discussion

I want to thank everyone who has been contributing to the Amazon Kel Kade forum on my author page. I love the discussion and actually think a lot of it is hilarious. People seem to really want to talk about Frisha, and most appear to be a little protective of Rezkin.

I believe a great book encourages readers to become engaged in the story and instills at least a small amount of emotional investment in the characters. I really enjoy seeing your thoughts about both!

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Epic Fantasy!

Free the Darkness, (KDT) Book One, has made it to #1 in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for Epic Fantasy!

I am glad that my readers are enjoying my book so much. I have just updated the e-book again to correct a few more of those annoying little errors, and I appreciate all of the excellent feedback I have received that helps to make this book even better!

I am considering releasing a print version of Book One at about the same time Reign of Madness, (KDT) Book Two, is released in e-book format. What do you think?

Amazon Customer Forum Questions

To all my amazing Amazon customers,

Several readers have graced me with questions in the Customer Forum on my Amazon Author Page. Unfortunately, there is currently no way I, as an author, can respond to comments and questions in the customer forum using my author account (rather than my personal account). I have contacted Amazon about the issue, and the customer service representative said he would pass on the suggestion for such functionality to the appropriate department.

In lieu of answering in the forum, I linked the blog in my Official Website to my Amazon Author Page. I hope all of your questions will be answered. As always, I appreciate your comments.


Kel Kade

Free the Darkness Edits

Thanks to my wonderful readers, I have corrected a few small typos in the first KDT book. The corrected version is now downloadable. (No major changes were made. These were only very minor edits.) I appreciate your feedback!

King’s Dark Tidings Book 2

I am so excited to receive great reviews and feedback on “Free the Darkness” (KDT Book 1) from KDT fans.

“Reign of Madness” (KDT Book Two) is in the proofreading stage and will be available for purchase soon! Click “Follow” to the left for e-mail updates or visit me on Facebook.

Book 3 is in the writing stage now!