King’s Dark Tidings Book 2

I am so excited to receive great reviews and feedback on “Free the Darkness” (KDT Book 1) from KDT fans.

“Reign of Madness” (KDT Book Two) is in the proofreading stage and will be available for purchase soon! Click “Follow” to the left for e-mail updates or visit me on Facebook.

Book 3 is in the writing stage now!


37 thoughts on “King’s Dark Tidings Book 2

    • I’m just waiting on my proofreaders, but I’ll be sure to provide them with positive encouragement on your behalf! It should be in the next couple of weeks after last edits. Thank you for your appreciation of my book.


  1. Truly enjoyed the first book, and especially all the funny misconceptions between the “friends”. As the story progress I guess there will be less of those as Rezkin wizes up to the real world, but I will miss Rezkin’s utter confusion when he finally encounters friends and how he is supposed to protect them. Looking forward to the next book though 🙂


  2. You wouldn’t be looking for another beta read would you? because I would love to have the opportunity, I really liked your book (god I love long books) for your, characters, story and world building. I read quickly (finished your book last night took less than a day) and I have beta read before for an author named Lee Dunning (author of the Chronicles of Shadow). I really would love being a small part of a series that I think is going to be truly great. Please continue your fantastic work.

    ps I know this is kinda out of nowhere but I have to try


  3. I really enjoyed reading KDT book 1. I can honestly say that I was immediately caught up in your characters. The action and humor was mesmerizing. I picked this book up at about 6 this morning and have been totally engrossed. It is now 10 pm and beside myself with regret that the 2nd book is in process. If it isn’t clear let me say with purpose, “I Like It!” A lot. Can’t wait to read the next. Thank you, sir. I will be following you for the continuing saga of Reznick and any further works you may be planning to put out here.
    Sincerely, Stephen Chavez ( A fan)


  4. Downloaded KDT 1 yesterday morning. Usually hit the rack at about 10:30am,work nights, but was so engrossed in the book I had to force myself to put it down at half past noon so I wouldn’t be a complete zombie last night. Absolutely love!


  5. Super book, enjoyed everything about it..Ive read most of The “Fantasy Greats” books, and you should see yourself as such a writer..regards Gabriel Arcari

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  6. Loved this book and actually felt a little sad I couldn’t dive into the next one. I was reading it pretty much during all my free time and even found myself wanting to put off doing stuff just to read more. I feel refreshed after reading it and have renewed hope in the future of the genre and that there are writers out there that have different or unique ways of introducing and communicating worlds and story lines.

    I just thought your characters were interesting and all had a decent amount, and believable, of depth.
    The start felt refreshing too, it was great to see a new twist on a main characters origin/introduction. I honestly didn’t feel bored once and I praise you and thank you wholeheartedly for believable characters, “realistic” interactions/developments but most of all for character consistency, especially in regards to Rez.

    I look forward to the release of book 2.


  7. Enjoyed it very much – definitely in the Top 5 of independently published books over the last year for me. Intelligent decision to have Book 2 ready to go so soon after the release of Book 1, especially as an indie author – must have been hard to be patient enough to be able to make that decision but I think it is wise (and I hope to see it in the next few weeks).

    For whatever my opinion is worth I would be cautious about releasing in paperback, only because from what I understand that can be a significant financial outlay for an independent author without a guarantee of financial returns, and it definitely isn’t the kind of thing you want to do halfway. That said, if the next book is as good as the first (and continues to generate buzz) perhaps you could consider an omnibus paperback release? That might help pricing wise – the price I usually see for independently published paperbacks is usually in the $12-15 range, which is steep for a single novel, but advertised as an omnibus, is more in line with consumer expectations. But I don’t know a whole lot about how those are advertised, so that’s just my 2 cents, and take it with a grain of salt. Best wishes, whichever way you go!


  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the book, especially the thought processes and logic Rez applies to determine his understanding of the term “friends”. I read it too quickly and had to read it a second time to fully appreciate the writing. Cannot wait for the second instalment, I read a post stating it will be even longer. I do so miss reading long books that are rich in character and narrative. Let’s stick a deal, you continue to write books of this quality and I’ll continue to buy them.

    PS, I have recommended your book to my bother and our friends

    Cheers, Steve


  9. I usually judge a book by it’s cover, and it was not the greatest of the bunch. However, when it is up to reviewing, I only judge it by the story itself. Awesome story. And great value for money. Absolutely loved the book.


  10. Read both books in one weekend, totally engrossing and powerful tale!! Truly couldn’t put them down, I’ve been reading fantasy for many years and I’ve got to say these books are right at the top of my list of favorites. Really looking forward to the third.

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  11. Wow!!, i’m genuinely shocked, i picked up the first in january, enjoyed it, was looking forward to the 2nd, read a few books in between and when i saw the next book was out in between then, i was thinking uhoh, there’s no way this will be any good, just some fluff book for the sake of being put out. boy was i wrong, if anything the 2nd was better. going to be checking my kindle religiously now for the next while. I’ve been burnt too many times by kindle recommendations but not this time.


  12. Book 2…. Excellent! Brief comment. Now the pressure is really on.. Your quickly growing fan base will soon be impatiently waiting for book 3. I am ! Great work Kel!


  13. Well… I just finished the series for a third time. I can’t put it down. Each time I read them I discover something I didn’t catch the first time around. Amazing books. My favorite for sure. I would beta read only to read it sooner!!

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  14. Was pleasantly surprised reading these books and really look forward to the rest of the series. Well done. Rezkin is a unique and interesting character. I really like that he does not falter in his resolve and is thoughtfully evolving as a human being without compromising his training and unique and awesome talents. Frisha drives me a little nuts but when reading the books one has to keep in mind the age of the characters. I like that you focus to the main story line without the added side roads that are often boring in other novels. I also like that you develop the side characters from Rezkins perspective as he gets to know more about them.
    Much more to say however I will leave you with this. Well done thank you for a good to the point read cant wait for the next book so get crackin! and I wish you every success in your literary career and more importantly in life.


  15. I just read book 1 and then book 2 I absolutely loved them I can’t wait for book 3 to come out. I was also wandering if the series was going to be coming out on paperback. I’m 12 years old and have a huge sci-fi and fantasy collection and I would love to add this book to my library.


    • Thank you for your kind message. I’m glad you are enjoying the series. I am currently in negotiations with a professional editor so that I can have the books properly edited before releasing them in print. This will be primarily proofreading, so you don’t need to worry about any major changes. I will keep you updated about the release schedule.


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