Free the Darkness Edits

Thanks to my wonderful readers, I have corrected a few small typos in the first KDT book. The corrected version is now downloadable. (No major changes were made. These were only very minor edits.) I appreciate your feedback!

6 thoughts on “Free the Darkness Edits

  1. i loved the book. Once again i have book withdrawal, waiting is never been my strong suite. Please the agony is almost unbearable.


    Ive read and reread the first one now 5 times. i love this book and has become one of my all time favs. Just got the second now and will not be herd from until ive finished.


  3. Ok, rarely say this, but good job. Very good books that are longer than expected yet still keep you engaged the whole way thru. Most writers drag books out to a bang of a conclusion, but yours keep me interested the whole way thru… Thank you.


    • Your enthusiasm is appreciated. While I try to keep the books exciting, the pace was really set by the characters. Rezkin is so active and energetic, he keeps the story going all on his own!


  4. Well, I’m about to plunge into this first book full speed. I’ve had a good streak of following recommended books to other books with amazing worlds that pull me in, I’ve got high hopes here – I’ll try and come back to leave a review.

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