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I want to thank everyone who has been contributing to the Amazon Kel Kade forum on my author page. I love the discussion and actually think a lot of it is hilarious. People seem to really want to talk about Frisha, and most appear to be a little protective of Rezkin.

I believe a great book encourages readers to become engaged in the story and instills at least a small amount of emotional investment in the characters. I really enjoy seeing your thoughts about both!

11 thoughts on “Amazon Kel Kade Forum Discussion

  1. Eh, I like her. Yeah, she’s young and has led a sheltered life. Rezkin is also young and has led a sheltered life, but in a different way. The dichotomy helps drive the story.


  2. Think my other comment got lost in cyberspace 🙂

    John, I agree they are both niave in their own way….and does drive the story.

    I think folks at amazon comments are being too hard on Frisha. Consider the world she walked into, nobles, blood lines, magic….warriors…she none of those things. Of course it’s a bit intimidating and she’s a bit insecure, who wouldn’t be.

    I do hope she grows a bit in the next book so she does not seem so overwhelmed but I think the hate is unfair….she’s the most “normal” person in the book. 😉


    • I actually find all the ‘hate’ for Frisha amusing. I read her character and thought she came across as any normal woman would. Reaylin to a lesser extent does too. Reaylin wants to be a warrior, but her physical and mental limitations are preventing her from achieving her goal. Barring some magical or super natural cause she wouldn’t be able to overcome the speed, size, and strength advantage of the men around her. Sheila is also realistic in her behavior, and while I find her the most annoying, I think it’s a good counterpoint to the other female characters. Finally, Yserria is also a great female character. Clearly from an Amazonian like culture it will be interesting to see her character develop in the next book.


  3. Hello from france,
    Thank you for yours 2 books. It’s hard to find fantasy books as good as yours.

    – Simple but great story;
    – Big universe ( that is to say, a lot of autors make a story in a kigngdom of four city, it’s ridiculous, I mean with paper we have no limit)
    – Most important, a strong character with weakness.

    Please, don’t do like many autors and take two years or most to publish the book 3.
    Sorry for my english but I’m not used to write and speak. Indded, I read only fantasy books so my understanding is good but not my expession..


  4. Spoiler alert: I have a theory about Rezkin.

    He is frequently called out on for having some measure of magical talent, but he denies it. I believe he has the right balance of elements to use his magic to augment his physical prowess and shield himself from (apparently) all magic.


  5. Really enjoyed reading both books this week. Pace is great, story premise unique, characters interesting, and, oddly enough I found the story upbeat & positive- not dark at all. I also appreciated the lack of foul language and graphic sexual content. Looking forward to book 3!


  6. I have read both of the books via amazon prime which were free to read. After reading them I have purchased them as I was greatly impressed with the work. I want to thank you for providing such characters that seam to jump off the pages. Its been a while since I found a series where the character actually felt more complex than a 2D stereotype. I cant wait to see what happens with all of the characters. I will admit that as Tam and Frisha have been training with Rez for a while now, how far have they come? But I am sure we will find out. One thing I am looking forward to is the “battle energy” that Rez is capable of using. We have seen it outright block magical attack fire in both instances and lend strength and stamina to the main character. I assume that this battle energy is also the reason for his Focus shield, sensing wards and their properties along with walking through them. Again thank you for the series as it is and I can not wait for you next book.


  7. Kel, I like your KDT books very much. However, I did wonder why you only made a few corrections in the editing. Both books 1 & 2 are rife with errors. Whatever you are paying your proofreader, it’s way too much!! Most of the errors are spelling errors or incorrectly used words.

    I have found that there are mistakes in almost all e-books nowadays. The numerous errors are sometimes so disconcerting and distracting that it becomes difficult to finish the book. Did everyone who is writing these days just snooze through their English classes?

    That said, I want to say that I really enjoy your KDT books and look forward to the new ones. You’re a talented author with a lively imagination. I especially like that there’s no foul language or graphic sex. A good writer doesn’t need to resort to sleazy tactics in order to captivate an audience! Keep up the good work and please find a good proofreader who knows what they are doing! 🙂


    • Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying the books. In answer to your question about proofreading, I invite you to read my June 1st blog post on my website ( Book 1 has now been edited, and the new version was uploaded a couple of days ago. Amazon has a bit of lag time in providing the new version for download, but it should be available now. Since you already read both books, it is probably safe to assume you read the earlier version. The editor should be getting to Book 2 in October, and future books will be edited prior to release. Thank you for your readership. I appreciate your support.



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