King’s Dark Tidings News

Hello KDT fans,

I have had many inquiries about the KDT series, so I thought I would update you all on my plans.

The main KDT series will be more than three books and will continue to follow Rezkin’s story. I also have plans for several side tales, which will be about some of the supporting characters. While at times it seems that the supporting characters are not very well developed, the story was intentionally written this way. The majority of the tale is written from Rezkin’s perspective. If Rezkin does not know the characters well, neither does the reader. The reader gets to know the other characters as Rezkin learns about them.  On occasion, however, the reader gets a little extra insight into the minds and activities of the other characters outside of Rezkin’s knowledge.  This is a bit of a reminder that the story is written in the third person, and the reader is occasionally privy to information not available to the main character (at my discretion, of course!). The side stories will give me the opportunity to share with you more about the supporting characters so that you can get to know them like I do without interrupting the flow of the KDT series.

On a side note, I actually started writing a different series prior to writing KDT. This other series is set in a different part of the same world but about 1,200 years prior to the events in KDT. Many of the historical references mentioned in KDT will actually tie in to the other series. When I was nearly finished with the first book in the other series, the idea for KDT popped into my mind, and I was sidetracked. I look forward to releasing the other series at some point in the future for you all to enjoy the greater world that spans thousands of years.

No, I do not have a release date for Book 3, yet. I am still writing it! I will keep you updated!

Thank you for visiting my world!


Kel Kade



20 thoughts on “King’s Dark Tidings News

  1. Kel,

    I find your books completely fantastic. As an avid reader of fantasy for 15years, your two books are dark, witty, fast passed and full of action. I relate your books and writing style as one of the three best I’ve ever read, along with dawn of wonder series and stingers tigers- chronicles of an imperial officer. I used to have the malazan series by Steven erikson, codex aleria by Jim butcher, demon cycle by Peter brett, the riyria chronicles by Michael Sullivan and the arinthian line as the best books I’ve read; however the three of you are by far a cut above them and that’s saying something. Please keep writing in depth and long books (nothing worse than a good book that take a few hours to read then done) as they are absolutely fantastic and I will read over and over again.

    Ps can’t wait for your next book seriously impatient lol


    Andrew Lawrence

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    • Thank you for not only leaving awesome praise (so accurately describes how I feel about KDT as well), but for the mentions of some other series I can look into while I’m waiting for Rez #3. 😉


  2. Hi. I loved both of these books and look forward to more of this series. Also, I’m really interested in the other series. Hope it shows up in Amazon. Thanks for telling your stories.


  3. Dear Kel:

    Just a quick note to say thank you. Why? Because your “Dark Tidings” series actually has a hero that embraces his unique skills and abilities. He doesn’t whine or cry about how the world was so unfair to him/her . . . Unlike most books lately that seem to have the Hero spending three-quarters of the tale struggling against his/her own nature/natural skills, until reluctantly they finally come to accept who they are and what they must do. (What a waste of time and effort.)

    What I like about your series is what I liked about the original Conan series growing-up. Conan The Barbarian never whined or cried about his harsh life growing-up. (It made him who he was!) He accepted what life dealt him, recognizing that it made him special, and used that uniqueness and then got on with what he could/wanted to do.

    In the same vain, what I like about your series is that the hero accepted his brutal upbringing at the castle, recognized the advantages that it has given him, and is making the most of those unique skills. He is not crying over his lost childhood, nor is he fighting his nature. He embraces it. He is extremely good at following each of the Rules/codes that he lives by, and this more than anything else, I believe, will allow him to accomplish great things!!!

    So thank you again for creating a hero who is not afraid to be a hero.


    David Wosicki


  4. Just a pick you up to say book three cannot come soon enough but to retain the quality of the first two I am willing to wait, fantasy and fiction is so hard to pull off but when it’s done correctly the rewards for me the reader are huge, the last books I read that achieved this was the Trysmoon series and KDT is as good, so thank you again for some very happy reading hours, Mike.

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  5. I am in love with this book, you are such a good writer, not once did I skip any pages because I did not have to. This is what a fantasy should read like, I have been reading fantasy novels for many, many years and it has been a vey long time since I have enjoyed a book such as this, It has made me laugh out loud, it has made me comment out loud, I am totally into this, please keep up the good work and I will continue to have something to look forward to.

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  6. Hurry up with the third book please! I realize you need time to make the book good, but I just can’t wait! Your books are tied for the second best book I’ve ever read.w


  7. Hi Kel

    Enjoyed reading your book. Book 1 of KDT was un-put-downable and am already on book 2. Rezkin is an incredible character and stays true to his self without deviating, which is good. There is no instalove ( which is unrealistic) nor is there instatrust. The plot pace is exciting and there is a good amount of detail on the weapons and fighting – making this a decent meaty read. the captain’s character as shown in conversations with his men makes him a strong char and worthy friend of Rez. Tam needs more development as best friend though…else he has no value for the status he claims.

    few cons – Frisha is a little too bland as of now. hopefully she develops a less naive personality, else as the idiot girlfriend, she will be the easiest route to destroy Rezkin. His credibility as such an astute judge of situations is questionable as he bonds with the only girl to snuggle into him.

    i really like Wesson though. i’m secretly hoping he is actually a girl masquerading in guy’s clothes. and that rez genuinely falls for her. 🙂 cant wait to get into book 2 and see if I’m right.


  8. Hey, I just finished reading both books for the second times, your series is masterful. I absolutely cannot wait for book 3. Therefore, I had been curious. Looking on amazon at publication dates, I noticed the first 2 books came out within a month of each other. Did this mean you wrote both books quickly enough to have them finished that close to each other? Or did you write both before looking into publications. My hope would be that we can look foward to a similarly speedy release for book 3. However I understand the impracticalities of that. Thank you for the excellent work you have accomplished in the writing of these books. I look foward to future advancements in Rezkin’s adventure and the solving of his mysterious past.

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  9. Any way we can get an ETA on the next book? It was only like a month between the first two books and I have read them both a dozen times now. I don’t have to have exact time frame just an estimate would be just great. 😀😀


  10. As I said in Amazon on my review for book #1:
    First off… I read a LOT. As in, I usually finish 5 or 6 books per week (yes, reading is pretty much all I do in my spare time), AND.. “fantasy” fiction is my favorite genre – anything ‘medieval’, dragons, wizards, warriors, magic, etc. I could NOT PUT THESE BOOKS DOWN. I think KDT is probably in my top 3 EVER. I want to say my favorite ever, but I can’t QUITE decide if it’s #1. It might be. They’re amazing. I LOVE Rezkin. His noble innocence is at such odds with his ice-cold ruthlessness, but you do an unbelievable job blending them… I won’t give spoilers… even though I want to praise some of the stuff in the book! I do DEFINITELY recommend this book!! LOVE it.

    On book #2??
    I still could NOT put this down! I started it, read for maybe 3 hours, had to stop for work, then got off work (at 2 am!) and sat straight back down with it. I read for another 3-1/2-ish hours and stayed up til just after 6 am reading because I HAD to know what happened, and although I was bummed because I STILL want to know what happens next, I LOVED the ending. DAMN, what a way to finish! I highlighted stuff throughout book 1 and 2 that were just awesome. The Shadow Knight kicks A$$. This one was even better than the first. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rez and the whole world and story and the direction it took. I am SO BUMMED that there aren’t more yet! I can’t wait to read the read… I can’t praise this enough If you are a fantasy/magic/warrior fan – YOU HAVE TO READ THESE BOOKS!

    This is the best/longest/highest review I think I’ve EVER given a book. I wish AMAZING was a choice for the author’s writing and I WISH I could give this more than 5 stars.

    I love series’ best, as I love following characters and I hate leaving them when I finish the last book. When the series is GOOD and I have love it, it almost feels like a personal loss! I don’t mind books that take me 7 hours to read, except that I feel like that’s FOREVER to see what happens, and yet it feels like it goes by too quickly. I already miss Rez and the rest while I’m waiting for the next (and the next and next… lol)

    I am sooooo excited to follow this series – I am so grateful for talent like yours that feeds the passion and imagination of readers like me (and all those others who’ve commented that they love your books!)


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    • Thank you for your very enthusiastic applause. It’s great to hear that so many people are enjoying the KDT story, and I am glad to share this world with you!

      Many of my readers have mentioned losing sleep or putting off other activities so they could read the books, and I think that makes KDT a great success.

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      • I am HONORED that you’re sharing this with me (us)! Not to mentioned that you’re planning on sharing so much more in the future. (Just please don’t change your mind! lol)

        And…. not that I am recommending other people do this… but I actually MISSED work one night just to read book #1! 😉


  11. Mr.Kade

    Thank u so much for sharing rezkin with us it is been a great joy reading his story so far, which is fast becoming one of my favorit series, and charechter for three days i couldnt think or do anything write from all the time i wished i was spending readin the books. I thought book one was absaloutly fantastic, i loved how funny the bookwas, i never seen anyone mention that it was funny, but i thout it was, all the rules and how rez was so out of sorts in the out world worked to bring lots of humer in my opinion, cant wait for more i hope this series will have lots more books specialy with rez, cant tell u how much i love the charecter.

    Thank u.


  12. If you are a fan of authors like Brent Weeks, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Peter Brett, etc., let the name Kel Kade be known to you! I wholeheartedly recommend Kings Dark Tidings.


  13. Kel – I rarely comment on books but this one was just too amazing for me to pass up. I’m a voracious reader of all things medieval/fantasy based and of the dozens and dozens of books I’ve read this series is definitely at the top of the pile. Your writing style is perfect for me and truly masterful. I absolutely can’t wait for the rest of the series and any future spin offs. Side note, I listened to this on Audible instead of reading and the narrator was phenomenal as well!


    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you are enjoying the story and Nick’s performance. It’s great to receive positive feedback from true fans of the genre!


  14. Big fan of Dark Tidings. I listened to both book 1 &2 audio books within a week.
    It made me laugh and really cheer on Rezkin.
    Awaiting your next book with earnest.


  15. Hi kal’el of story telling or rather Kel

    You have just created a character that I have fallen in love with !
    Funny story – I started seeing myself behave as rezkin in real life and had the same persona

    I seriously need you to drink lots of coffee scof down whatever energy supplements you need and bestow upon Us boom 3

    Let’s say this is urgent !
    Thanks Kel’el



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