Pre-Order Audiobook Now!

Good news! The audiobook of Free the Darkness, Book 1 of the King’s Dark Tidings Series, is now available for pre-order! Click Here to find it on

Written by Kel Kade. Produced by Podium Publishing. Performed by Nick Podehl. Cover art by Christian McGrath.

22 thoughts on “Pre-Order Audiobook Now!

  1. Can’t wait to wake up to Rezkin later tonight!! Working graveyard does have its advantages. Thanks so much for my latest literary obsession Kel, good luck in this endeavor, may you get tons of positive reviews!!


  2. The audio book is exceeding all my expectations. You have taken a great story I have read several time since it came out and made it all shiny and new again. Thank you for the several days worth of entertainment kel. Hope you get the reviews the story is worth.

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    • Thank you, Hunter. It is exciting to hear that you are already listening to the audiobook. I would appreciate it greatly if you would leave an honest review on audible for the audiobook once you are finished. I am glad that you have joined me and so many other KDT fans in this adventure!


  3. YAY! The first to rate the audio version. Gave it a 5 after a few hours of listening to it. Some of the pronunciation was different than I originally thought. Nick did a good job. Congrats to myself on being first, and it was the first time I was first in ever rating anything.

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    • Fantastic! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the audiobook. I hope that you will consider returning to Audible to give a full review once you have finished. We really appreciate feedback from listeners like you. I love to hear what you guys think, and so do other listeners/readers. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. 😀


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  4. Started reading it on my commute to and from work since yesterday! Really brightens up my day. Only thing that could possibly make me want my commute to actually be longer than it already is 😀 I’ll probably drop a review once I finish reading.

    Thanks for everything!

    Also, question. I bought the book with an Audible credit. Do you still get royalties for the book? If not I would love to support you and the book price isn’t high to begin with so I would not mind purchasing it again.

    Thanks again for everything! Can’t wait for book three to come out 🙂


  5. I had read both your books but when you told us they would be coming out as audiobooks, I knew I would be using my audible credits to buy them. Nick P does a great job of the narration making each characters voice very distinctive. Any idea when your second book will be released? Needless to say I will pre-order as soon as possible.
    Thanks for writing something different and original and I hope you keep the series running for many a year…


    • Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s great that you are enjoying the series so much. Please consider leaving reviews on Amazon and Audible if you haven’t already. I would appreciate it! The second book is recorded and scheduled to be released on Oct. 4th. It should be available for pre-order in the next few weeks.


  6. I will certainly leave a review, by the way, just in case you’re not aware, there is already a number of glowing reviews on audible. You have a 5 star rating so far..

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  7. Waiting for that October 4th release for book two. 🙂 I think i’ll treat it as an early B-day present since it’s still a long time to Halloween at that point.

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