Updated: Want to talk about the books?

KDT is growing in popularity, but unfortunately, it’s not so widespread that all of your neighbors and co-workers will get your KDT-inspired humor. Do you have a desire to talk to other KDT fans about the books? There are places to do that! Here are a few that I know of, and you guys are welcome to let me know if you find or create others.

  1. A Goodreads discussion group called King’s Dark Tidings has been founded by a KDT fan. Click here to join.
  2. A Goodreads reading group called Reading Addicts has selected KDT to be the topic of discussion this month, including Q&A with yours truly. Click here to join.
  3. My Amazon Author Forum has a very vocal group. (Sorry, I cannot join in on these discussions directly, but I do follow them with interest). Click here to participate.
  4. Right here! You can post comments on my blog! (www.kelkade.com)
  5. (Update) Here is another one someone sent me: Subreddit for King’s Dark Tidings

Please enjoy talking to each other, and try to drag as many of your neighbors and co-workers into the discussions as you can. (Maybe not during work hours, though, unless your job is to discuss books.)