Updated: Want to talk about the books?

KDT is growing in popularity, but unfortunately, it’s not so widespread that all of your neighbors and co-workers will get your KDT-inspired humor. Do you have a desire to talk to other KDT fans about the books? There are places to do that! Here are a few that I know of, and you guys are welcome to let me know if you find or create others.

  1. A Goodreads discussion group called King’s Dark Tidings has been founded by a KDT fan. Click here to join.
  2. A Goodreads reading group called Reading Addicts has selected KDT to be the topic of discussion this month, including Q&A with yours truly. Click here to join.
  3. My Amazon Author Forum has a very vocal group. (Sorry, I cannot join in on these discussions directly, but I do follow them with interest). Click here to participate.
  4. Right here! You can post comments on my blog! (www.kelkade.com)
  5. (Update) Here is another one someone sent me: Subreddit for King’s Dark Tidings

Please enjoy talking to each other, and try to drag as many of your neighbors and co-workers into the discussions as you can. (Maybe not during work hours, though, unless your job is to discuss books.)

18 thoughts on “Updated: Want to talk about the books?

  1. I’ve been shilling your books to everyone I know, even people who don’t read, just to have someone to talk to. Thanks for posting all of these resources! It’s always fun to gush with other fans. Do you know exactly when the Q&A is planned for? Thanks for your wonderful books and happy writing!

    P.S. If for some strange reason you find yourself wanting beta readers, I volunteer myself. (I actually have experience, so I always ask)


    • I’m glad you are excited about the books, and thank you for recommending them to the people you know. The Q&A is going on all month. People post their questions and discussion topics, and I log on to answer. You could do the same here, but in the group you have the chance to see other people’s questions and remarks as well.


      • That’s okay Kel. Take your time writing your book. I have move on to other authors. There is no hurry anymore.


  2. Indeed! I was fortunate enough to stumble across your books and ran through them in about a week. Since then I’ve had 3 friends read them. We shall make this as wildfire.
    I know this is answered somewhere, which December is the next supposed to come out, this?


    • Thanks for your support. Yes, I am shooting for this December, but I am not optimistic about making my self-imposed deadline. It will be soon, though. I appreciate you recommending the books to your friends!


  3. I greatly enjoyed reading your books. I have them both on my kindle but they’re so good I’m considering buying them all in print when the next one comes out. The main character was a breath of fresh air to me, his knowledge of the world is astounding but he adapts quite well when his ignorance of the “way of world” becomes apparent. I’ve recommended this to my sisters and I’ll continue to tell others. I’m uber excited about the third installment!


    • Thank you for passing on the recommendation to your family and friends. Hopefully I’ll have the books out in print soon. I’m still working on that. I appreciate your taking a moment to write to me.


  4. Love your books. The Don Quixote comment on your Amazon page (and your reference to it in your August update) made me want to ask you if you had seen / were a fan of the movie Being There starring Peter Sellers? While reading KDT, I loved the way people coming in contact with Rez interpreted his simple, straightforward, and truthful statements and actions through the prisms of their own experiences. Like the reaction of political and business elites to Chance the Gardner (aka Chauncey Gardner) in Being There, Rez’s “friends” do not see him as naive or unworldly. Instead, they project onto him the epitome of all that is noble. Unlike Chance, however, Rez is not actually simple-minded. As time goes by he begins to recognize the tendency of people to misinterpret his words and actions such that, in Reign of Madness, he is able to manipulate them (albeit still for noble purposes) with implications based on purposeful omissions. Great series. Can’t wait for number 3.


    • Thank you for writing to me. I don’t think I’ve seen “Being There,” but now that you mention it, I’ll look it up when I have the time. I’m glad you appreciate the subtleties of the character interactions. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.


  5. Thanks for the beginning of a great story. I particularly enjoy the inversion of the standard quest storyline. Instead of starting out on an impossible mission and acquiring the skills or tools to achieve it, he is starting out with nearly unlimited power, and trying to discover how to use it. Very entertaining. I particularly like the initial absence of morality in his education. One comment on Amazon compared him to Dexter in the middle ages, and I confess that is what sparked my interest. I’m curious if you will tell us what the future scope of KDT looks like so we can manage our expectations. Will this be a trilogy or does it even have a defined number of books in your mind? I also like how you have left so many hooks in the story for other side tales that may not include Rez. Do you intend to tie up all the lose ends in the main story arc or are you considering spin off novels and prequels once the main story arc is complete? Thanks for anything you’re willing to answer, just wondering how much I should be getting my hopes up…


    • Hi Jason, thanks for writing. I have had people compare Rezkin to an odd assortment of characters including Dexter, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory,” and Don Quixote. I love the variability of imagination!

      This is going to be a multi book series. I would expect at least five or six books in the main story line (really it just depends on how many it takes to tell the story). I am also planning several side tales that may be read in conjunction with the main story, and they will be released in the appropriate order. These will be based on the supporting characters and will add to the overall experience of the universe I’m creating. I have another series in the works that is set in the same world but about 1200 years in the past, and I have plans for others that will be set in modern day (with the KDT world as the past), the future, and in alternate worlds that may or may not interact with KDT. I hope you find this news encouraging. I know a lot of people don’t want to start a series until it is close to complete, but present sales help to keep me writing!


  6. Dear Kel Kade,

    I enjoy listening to the audiobooks and look forward to Book 3. Your books are well thought out and well-written and the narrator brings additional flavor.

    However, I see a growth in the male characters that I do not see with any of the female characters.

    I understand that this is a male fantasy: all women want him. all men want to be him. I also understand that very little time has passed. But in that short time the men progress. The male characters are made more interesting over time as we discover more about them and how they think. The female characters do not seem whole. They don’t grow with their experiences and discussions.

    Male Examples:
    – Malcius begins the voyage as a uppity noble. He progresses to understand that commoners have something to offer and different experiences.
    – Tam begins to empathize with the duties of nobility ultimately accepting Rezkin’s need to kill.
    – Even Tieron who has a more negative depiction is opening his mind.
    – Rezkin, of course, is learning and adapting throughout

    Female Examples:
    – Frisha is entirely defined by her possessive nature which was present day 1. The book hints that she was once an independent woman. But, every time there is a woman present she has the same annoying reaction until the end of book two. She doesn’t appear to be a whole person, only a female that likes Rez with no interests or characteristics outside of this.
    – Reaylin “wants to be a warrior”, but is defined by tantrums. The book doesn’t show a dedication to mastering skills or maturing in anyway. She has a natural ability to heal, but that is an attribute like hair color not a character trait.
    – Sheila is one-dimensional. She just wants to sleep with everyone and never grows.

    The same care that is taken to show the men’s character development should be used to show the women’s character development.

    Women are whole beings, not a collection of attributes.

    Respectfully submitted,


  7. Let’s kel some time to finish book 3. I am eating corn beef and cabbage. He has lots of characters to work on. He developed a wonderful world. Let him have time to deliver the great storyline we all have come to love. A writer like him is a rare gem. I would like to all three in first additions and one be to get them signed. Kel take your time and continue the a very great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I recently came across The Kings Dark Tidings series and being an avid reader have happily devoured the first four, I have really enjoyed them all which is unusual as often one in a series tends to be a bit weaker than the rest, however am now at a loss as need number 5, any idea when it may be ready please?.?
    Thanx and thank you

    Samantha x


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