July Update 2017

King’s Dark Tidings Book 3 is currently in editing. The ebook is scheduled for release in September!

Podium Publishing will begin audiobook prep-work in September for recording with the amazing Nick Podehl in October. Podium is estimating release of the audiobook in January.

Thank you for your patience, and good reading!



109 thoughts on “July Update 2017

  1. I haven’t read a series that has captured my attention like King’s Dark Tidings in a very long time. I can hardly await book 3. I have read and re-read the first 2 several times. I love these books. I can’t help but hope Frisha remains by Rezkin’s side. Thank you Kel


  2. A little later than hoped but much better than other authors out there, well maybe not Sanderson, he is a book writing machine. But Rothfuss and Martin could take a lesson. They are financially set from their book sales that they can solely focus on writing if they should choose. It is especially weird seeing a motion picture or in this case TV series based on the works reach conclusion before the books are even completed.
    I would love to see your books picked up for visual media. Really glad Nick is available and willing to finish out your series. His voice over craft is superb. Only person who compares is Michael Kramer. In fact I started your first book because Nick had read it, and the comments of course. I am a preferred emersion reader myself, so if Nick finishes quickly all the better. Not to mention it’s great to be lounging around reading the book, then get up to head to the gym and pick up right where I left off with the audiobook version as I lift and do cardio. Thanks Kel for the firm dates and your hard work.


  3. Hurrah hurrah, I am so looking forward to see how the story goes on! Kel you have written something exceptionally with King’s Dark Tidings. I usually do not post much but here a huge thank you is in order!! You have a fan in Germany! Hope your thesis is also making good progress. Fingers crossed and best wishes from one scientist to another, Michael


  4. I just wanted to stop by and say that this series has instantly become once of my favorites alongside Codex Alera and other greats. I love the hero’s journey turned on is head, I love the growth he inspires in his companions, and I love that the love story is simple and organic. Love is hard to write, and so many resort to manufactured drama that forces the characters into incongruous acts. Thank you and I look forward to the next book.

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  5. Thanks for the update. Wish the book would be out sooner but I’m glad just no wing it’ll be here in a few more weeks. You are an amazing writer and I hope there are many more books in this series


  6. I was wondering if we will be seeing any hardcopies being printed… i love the audio books but call me old school i love having the book in hand while i read


  7. Ever since I picked up Free The Darkness, I have had this insatiable desire for more KDT! When I finished the second book, I felt unsatisfied and kept trying to sate my desire for MORE. Whether it be finding more books to read or just re-reading the two books over and over again, I have been waiting and craving. I have checked every 2 hours for an update on the third book, so when this came out I was celebrating! Thank you for taking the time to update to us, readers, on the book’s progress. It helps me to know that its coming out soon!




  8. I got the first two books through my kindle free reading thing. I liked these books so very much I went back and bought them for my permanent library. I cannot wait for the next book! Beautifully written. Bravo


  9. This is great news! I love the audio books! Such a fantastic writer. I’ve never really got into reading and thought I would give audible a chance. I randomly came across your books and the reviews were great! I’m listening to them for a 3Rd time. I was wondering, do you have a full list of the rules Rezkin follows? Would be nice to see the full list. Keep up the good work 🙂


  10. I’m so excited that the book is coming out next month. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the third to arrive, reading and rereading the first two books in anticipation. I hope all goes well and great job on masterfully creating one of my all time favorite series.

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  11. I think I can get through the first two books a couple more times before the release….
    bloody awesome work Kel! Brilliant story, an absolute ride!


  12. I am wondering if you are ever going to get these in book form? I would like to buy them if you are. Even if it is expensive I still would like to have them on my book case.


  13. Just finished listening to book 1 and 2 for the second time. absolutely outstanding even the second time around. Super excited for book 3. Keep up the good work.


  14. So when and where is the pre-order going to be first? Is there going to be a box set down the road? Is a map ever going to be released?, because I am very interested in cartography of this world of magic.


  15. Hi! I just finished reading book 1&2 for the 5th time and my heart is pounding in excitement for book 3!

    It’s been almost a month since you posted this and I was hoping you now have a more specific date than “in September”? The days go by so slowly when you are waiting for something like book 3! Will it be out early or late September?

    I am actually, unconsciously, holding my breath while writing this!


  16. Kel if your books ever made it to the big screen, who would your personal picks be to play the main characters of Rezkin, Frisha, and Tamarin?


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