Announcing A New Series with Tor Books!

In case you missed it on Facebook and Twitter, Tor Books just announced a new, upcoming series written by yours truly. Get ready for a whole new world in the Shroud of Prophecy series, coming Spring 2019. Check out the announcement by Christopher Morgan (Tor Books) and an introduction to the new series here!

King’s Dark Tidings is going strong, and Kingdoms and Chaos (Book 4) is still scheduled for release next year.

22 thoughts on “Announcing A New Series with Tor Books!

  1. is nick pohdel going to do kings dark tidings book 3? please say yes. i dont do the reading thing. love my audio books. i listen while im working. get lost in good books


    • It says in another post that Nick is definitely doing book 3 and it’s being released on audible in January 2018, I couldn’t wait that long so although I had done the first two books via audible I read the third book via kindle and will probably listen to the audible version again when that is released next year. Does anybody know how many books are going to be in the King’s Dark Tidings series? I thought it was just going to be a trilogy until I was almost done the third book and realized it wasn’t even close to being finished, I would guess there will be 5 books total, it seems like a lot to wrap up in the 4th book if it’s the same size as the first three.


  2. These books are the ones that you say you don’t want to put down but in reality you actually can’t because they’re so damn good. It is the best series I’ve read in years!

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  3. I am so very excited I am loving I have read the first two books of the King’s Dark Tidings series in the last two days and was worried where my next great read would be I am going to precure some on your suggestion list and wait excitedly for your next series! For a gamer who has played Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights I feel like I am in the story like nothing else I have played or read I love these books. I have never been more emersed in a series. Back to reading!

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  4. Thank you Kel Kade! I am a fan of this genre and your books were very enjoyable. I am anxiously awaiting Kingdoms and Chaos! Keep up the good work!


  5. I just finished book 3, March 9, 2018. I wait with baited breath for book 4. I have told others about this series. Thank you for writing them.


  6. Ok, I’ve just finished going through all of the Kings Dark Tidings Book again for the third time all on audiobook since I just found out the third is out. This wait for Kingdoms and Chaos is going to be brutal….sigh*


  7. Any update as to when we can expect book 5? Book 4 left me hanging, and it would be nice to at least have a time frame as to when the story will continue…


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