KDT Book 3 Audiobook Early Release!

The Legends of Ahn (KDT Book 3) audiobook release has been moved up to December! Best of all, Nick Podehl is giving another stellar performance. Exact release date and pre-order information to follow.Updated_B3_Legends of Ahn _King´s Dark Tidings


14 thoughts on “KDT Book 3 Audiobook Early Release!

  1. LOVE the books, thank you so much for the experience and wonder your story brings! As I am not that knowledgeable about Audiobooks in general. Why would you need to pre-order a digital product? Do you get it earlier if you do?


  2. YAY! I’ve am anxiously awaiting, I keep recommending you and this series to every site I am in a member, hopefully they are also following you for Book 3. Will keep watching for it!!!!


  3. Ive given in, I’m in the middle of the ebook. I will get the audiobook as soon as it comes out, though! I plan on binge listening to all the books again sometime in the future


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