Another Best Seller!

When I captured this screenshot the other night, “Legends of Ahn” was the #6 Best Seller on Audible (All Categories). I’d say that’s a good release. Special thanks to Nick Podehl for his thrilling performance, Chris McGrath for the captivating artwork, Editor Leslie Watts who endures my mistakes with enthusiasm, Podium Publishing for an excellent production, and foremost to the listeners and readers who join me in the world of KDT.



8 thoughts on “Another Best Seller!

  1. Hello
    I have found your book on audible early this year. After hear the both of the first two i could not wait for this one . I would like to say that it was a great book to hear and i hope to see many more book in the future. I will be a fan for a very long time to come.


  2. Although I read and enjoyed the book I had to hear the audible version as well. Nick killed it! While I grasped the names reading the text, it made for a much more captivating story hearing them, particularly the fae names and old language.


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