February 2018 Update

Hey, Kel, what have you been up to?

I’ve been adventuring. It’s phenomenally exciting, and you can join me when you read the twisted intrigue and extremely serious prose *smirk* that have been pouring out of my mind. (I might be watching the Olympics, too, because they’re awesome and inspiring, and it’s what the cool people do.)

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Audible’s Best of December


Legends of Ahn (King’s Dark Tidings, Book 3) made Audible’s Best of December thanks to the fantastic reviews of KDT fans.

Nick Podehl delivered another phenomenal performance in this third installment of King’s Dark Tidings.

audiobook (Audible.com)
ebook (Amazon.com)
ebook (Amazon.co.uk)

First for Women Magazine

Check out this review of Free the Darkness (KDT, Book 1) in the February issue of First for Women magazine.



34 thoughts on “February 2018 Update

  1. I am desperately waiting for the next book in Kings Dark Tidings, Legend of Ahn was great, now I have to know what happens in the next book! I am almost done with 8 book series and need that next book!!!!! I love your mind. The imagination that goes into these books is awesome.

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  2. Happy Adventuring.

    But the Olympics has me so glued to my seat that I’ve skipped going to the gym… agh! Watching athletic people doing athletic things isn’t exactly healthy.


  3. I love all three books of the dark tidings. I have never been one of those people who wait for a book to çome out until now. You really know how to keep the reader intrigued. Waiting impatiently for the fourth. 😆


  4. I love all of the king’s dark tidings books, I cannot wait for the forth one of the series, I normally don’t care about waiting for books to come out, but the way you end your books always leaves me wanting more, keep up the great work


    • As a reader who has had to not-so-patiently wait for the next in a series, I know how you feel. I wish I could release the whole series at once, but writing takes time. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy it to the end.


  5. I do not have much hope for a timely KDT 4 release, but maybe I can encourage you with my re-read & re-listen stats since the fall 2017 release. Book=3. Audio Book=2. Yes, I’ve read some great books in between (Jemsin, Sanders, Pierce Brown) but I keep picking up KDT. (Don’t get a swelled head). So, if you have a heart please safety pin your britches to a seat and finish KDT 4. Faithful fans (like me) will love you for it!


  6. I can’t wait until KDT 4 release. I have re-read all 3 books at least 7 times so far, more than any other, and I still want to read them again. Never before has a book tormented me so much for the next one. No matter how many books I read to fill the gap, I still just can’t wait. Keep up the amazing work, and we all hope the next book is as fabulous as the last.


  7. Hoping for a March April release on Kindle. I loved the first half of Book 3 where Rezkin seems to be close to himself.. I think the confused and angry Rezkin did not go so well with me. The Frisha storyline also seems to be left in suspended animation and hopefully will move forward in the next book. Looking forward to Book 4


  8. I am really enjoying your work. When the lights went out for one of your characters I got seriously choked up! I haven’t enjoyed a set of books so much since I started reading the King Killer Chronicles, although The Gentlemen Bastards series were pretty close.


  9. Kel, when is the next book coming? How many are there? I can see several strands in this story and perceive this to be an epic that may not be completed in just one more book. Your writing skills are excellent. I am too intrigued to be patient….first copy here please!!!


  10. Waiting patiently for book 4. Have listened to other 3 several times. Got to say don’t really care for frisha so glad she’s not with him now. She seams too imature for him. And too whiney. I Really love Rez!!! He needs a tough girl with a since of humor.


    • I wonder what will Frisha’s reaction be when she finally finds out that *SPOILER ALERT* Rezkin and The Raven are one. Is she going to explode? Hahahaha.


  11. This series is a great read. I don’t like that I have completed the 3rd book..I wanted it to last and last….and last! I came here to see if I could find a release date for book 4 and decided to tell you that you have kept me up til all hours of the night because I can not stop reading your damn books! Seriously can not stop..so what happens is I read until i fall asleep. I wake up in the mornings with my kindle on the floor and my light still on, so thanks! I love being in Rez’s head to sense his humanity very slowly blossom. He’s so Spock-like..all logic and no emotion. You have to be in his head to love him, otherwise he’s too damn scary! Excellent character development and insight. I love your writing and I love these books..please give me more! Thank you!


    • It’s great that you could immerse yourself in the story. Perhaps it’s best that you get a break before book 4 (to catch your breath). I’m glad you were able to connect with a terrifying assassin–er, you know what I mean.


  12. Decided to try the first kdt book about 3-4 days ago and just finished the third. Havent been drawn into a book series like this since wheel of time by R.J. couldnt put it down and stayed up for three days reading every time i had a break from anything. Cant wait till your 4th book comes out. Hope its soon. Love your work!


  13. I really liked the series, King’s Dark Tidings. It’s then included in my favourites as soon as I’ve finished Book Three. One of the best dark fantasy genre stories I’ve ever read, together with Forgotten Conqueror and Main Charscter Hides His Strength.

    I’m really enthusiastic for the next book. But I hope It’ll never be as pompous and long-winded like most of Book Two. Got me almost disappointed but the ending was great, though. I prefer a lot of action and ‘Hitman’ stuff, mwahaha. *evil smile* You know what I mean.


  14. As an author I am always on the hunt for inspiration. Your books did just that so much so that I couldn’t put them down to write:) Thank you for creating such strong & memorable characters & an amazing world. I can’t wait to read what is to come in book 4. Maybe now I will be able to write my 3rd book, thank you for the inspiration! I want all my friends to read this series so we can talk about Rezkin & what might happen.


    • I tend toward binge reading, so I don’t get to read much anymore. I have too much to do. I’m glad you took the time to explore my world. It’s great to be able to inspire someone to do anything besides yawn in boredom, especially something productive. I’d certainly appreciate the recommendation to your friends. Good luck on your third book!


  15. Books 1 and 2 were amazing. I liked book 3 a lot, but I felt like it was slow in parts. I do think that it set up Rez perfectly to take whatever thrones he wants in the next books. Then everyone will follow the rules.


  16. I read all the the Drizzt Du’urden books many years ago and never thought I would find a series interesting enough to me to read like that again. Well KDT did it for me. But I sure would like to read more before I loose interest in the fourth coming book and find another series to delve into. I am already forgetting what the first three were about and either will have to re read them when the next comes out or just move on.


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