⚔️💥”Kingdoms and Chaos”💥⚔️ — Pre-Order KDT 4 eBook Now!

Kingdoms and ChaosKing’s Dark Tidings Series Book 4 is available for pre-order in ebook format now! The official release date is September 7th!

The audiobook is currently in recording with Podium Publishing and Nick Podehl. I’ll post a release date as soon as I have one.

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KDT Book 4 Announcement-01.png

14 thoughts on “⚔️💥”Kingdoms and Chaos”💥⚔️ — Pre-Order KDT 4 eBook Now!

  1. Thank you very much for writing. I really enjoy reading your books. It is crazy how excited people get about a new book coming out. Says a lot about the story and the author. May God bless you and keep up the good work. Excited to see this made into a movie someday!


  2. Thank you very much!!. Can’t wait till it’s released
    Though, I do want to ask if pre-order is available for amazon Australia website as well?
    Thank you


  3. I have finished reading this last book and was only disappointed in the fact, I read it to quickly. Having to wait on the 5th book to come out will be torture. Waiting on this one to come out was bad enough. LOL I have enjoyed reading the series. I appreciate your work. Thanks


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