Shroud of Prophecy Update

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.55.04 PMDue to all the hype about the upcoming release of Kingdoms and Chaos (KDT 4), which is available for pre-order now (ebook) and releases on September 7th, I may have forgotten to mention that I also finished the first draft of my new upcoming series with Tor Books called Shroud of Prophecy.

I haven’t heard from my Tor editor in a couple of days, so I’m afraid he either fell into the story and decided not to come out, or he’s trying to figure out how to tell me to rewrite the whole thing. Oh, the suspense!


10 thoughts on “Shroud of Prophecy Update

  1. This made me laugh because Kel Kade is a great writer! The editor is obviously just engrossed with the story and cannot come out until it’s finished. Really stoked about the tor signing because tor signs a plethora of the greats in fantasy!

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  2. Love that you forgot about this announcement, and mad congratulations for getting 2 books into the editing phase so close to one another!

    Question: The announcement article says SoP: FotF has a Spring 2019 release, if Tor comes back and is all good, or the editing process isn’t too long, could we be looking at it’s release hitting this year?

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  3. Your books are a treasure. I put them right next to my Michael Moorcock books. The series came to me during a crippling tragedy in my life, it kept my mind busy with the incredible world that you created, full of life and adventure. Thank you. I can’t wait!

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  4. hey, not to rain on the Shroud of Prophecy book, but when is KDT book 5 coming out. I need that before we get into another series with you.
    – Huge Fan


  5. i love your series and cant wait for this new book and the future of KTD. i been re listening to it all month to see if i missed any details or anything. I cant wait for your next books. I wish the best and hope for soon releases haha. Thank you for your stories.


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