17 thoughts on “KDT4 Audiobook Update

  1. I’m so glad you have managed to keep with the same audible production group. Nick does an outstanding job with your material. I’d be heartbroken if it was someone else. I have listened to your three previous books four times now. Love the pace of your plot. You spend just the right amount of time on surrounding details and I love that you keep us mainly inside the main character’s mind.


  2. I love the series so much that I couldn’t wait for the audio book. I will still be getting this once it’s released. I cannot wait for book 5!


  3. I just searched it in audible and when i couldn’t find it, i came here to see for any update. Can’t wait.. I first heard Nick Podehl in Free the Darkness and since then I have become a fan of him. I have at least heard 20 other narrators and so many in the sample audio, there is no one else of his caliber.


  4. I really hope you can start book 5 now since you are on a roll! Great job! Very enjoyable series! Nick also is one of the best narrators I’ve had the pleasure of listening to…he has an amazing range of character voices!


  5. Got one crazy question… who are all the rightful owners of each Sheyalin? Rezkin has 2 rightfully and multiple others have gone “missing”, but whom has others?


  6. Thank Goodness you are supporting audible. I hate to say it but I hardly have time to read now a days. I love the series and love how almost autistic Rezkin is although I had to admit the book 2 tourney was the best part of the series seconded by the part with the assassin guild.


  7. Just so everyone knows, the preorder audiobook can now be purchased on audible! I bought mine today, and I can’t wait to listen to it!!! #iamthedarkness


  8. I just want to hug Rez, for 3 whole minutes, rocking back and forth.
    Yes, I know he’d eviscerate me but I just want to HUG HIM!

    Nick is voice bae always! So good I wanna 🤮


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