“Kingdoms and Chaos” Audiobook Now Available!


Kingdoms and Chaos (KDT Book 4) is now available in audiobook. Experience the adventure as performed by the award-winning Nick Podehl and produced by Podium Publishing.

Find it in ebook on Amazon, or start the series with “Free the Darkness” (King’s Dark Tidings, Book 1) in ebook or audiobook.

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9 thoughts on ““Kingdoms and Chaos” Audiobook Now Available!

  1. Just finished listening the audiobook. Loved it. Can’t wait for book 5. Frisha and Malcious were selfish and unbearable as usual. The only thing i didn’t understand is why Tam was telling so much to the other slave/captive. What happened to the rule “Reveal Nothing” ? Did he learn nothing as the Apprentice? This rule is stressed so many times yet he doesn’t follow it. I mean until you don’t know, the other captive could be a spy. Tam was able to sense many dangers once they escaped yet he got jumped by 3 slavers. I guess that is understandable but revealing everything to a stranger ?

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  2. Just finished book 4…. I listened to it and my husband is currently reading it… he is only on chapter 4…. as soon as the book ended I sent him a text saying “I don’t know whether I feel happy or pissed that I have to WAIT for another book to come out…. it isn’t over!!” I mean that with love though I promise! Great book but I TOTALLY hate having to wait for the next one. The suspense might just kill me! haha
    Thank you for the great book!


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