“Ask Me Anything” with Kel Kade today!

  • Shawn Hatt
    Posted at 17:40h, 04 February Reply

    It would be very interesting if Reskin’s wife and he had a kid(S) from their bonding. I look forward to see if it will be a Res-kin…maybe they will have the truth telling magic. It is said to be the third…so maybe triplets? Idk I am interested in what you develope for the rest of the story. Thankfully many can confirm that Rez is still alive, so no civil war in his empire.

  • Cecile Dary
    Posted at 15:20h, 14 January Reply

    Hy Kel Kade,
    I enjoy the Kdt verry much, especially the way Rez is strating in books 3 and 4 to struggle in the emotions he strat to feel and don’t recognize……
    And to be honest, i am not that much surprised book 5 is letting us wait. This is a big turn for him, will he be able to learn how to deal with his emotions, accept then, or will he keep strugling and fighting against them, making an ennemy of a part of him ?
    Those emotions he feels because he is human, as every human do, but will they make him stronger or weaker ??

    I can’t help but think that when a book is great (as is KTD) it’s because the author put his heart into it, let the story bring him to places he wouldn’t have expected, or known about himself….

    so I wonder…..

    Those questions I asked before about Rez, do you sometimes ask them for yourself ? If so then, please keep searching, as the answers can be found only by the ones looking for them….

    A fan

    PS: i apologize for any orthograph mistake, as English is not my native langage

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