Free the Darkness (Book 1)

Character List:

Rezkin – A young warrior trained under mysterious circumstances

Master Jaiardun – Trainer at the mysterious northern fortress

Master Peider – Trainer at the mysterious northern fortress

Striker Farson – Striker at the northern fortress who escaped the fortress battle

Striker Adona – Striker at the northern fortress

Lord Butrand – A merchant brought to the fortress to teach Rezkin

Sheyalin – A master swordsmith who lived and died over two hundred years past

Mayor Jorge – Mayor of Perdony

Carlon – Butcher of Perdony

Pot – Stable boy at the Golden Cockerel in Justain

Master Nol – Owner of the Golden Cockerel Inn in Justain

Roxiella “Roxie” – Maid at the Golden Cockerel Inn in Justain

Frisha Souvain – Young woman from Cheswick traveling to Kaibain

Tamarin “Tam” Blackwater – Young carpenter’s apprentice; Frisha’s escort

Broken – 12-yr old thief (Diamond Claw Guild, Slink Den, Justain)

Cracker – 10-yr old thief (Diamond Claw Guild, Slink Den, Justain)

Thorn – Thieves’ guild denleader (Diamond Claw Guild, Slink Den, Justain)

Dirge, Quip, Pratt – Diamond Claw guild members (Slink Den, Justain)

Ash – 6-yr old thief (Diamond Claw Guild, Slink Den, Justain)

Draphus – Guildmaster Martius’s second (Diamond Claw Guild, Justain)

Martius – Thieves’ guildmaster (Diamond Claw Guild, Justain)

Greld – Old thieves’ guildmaster (Diamond Claw Guild, Justain)

Borgout – Old second to thieves’ guild (Diamond Claw Guild, Justain)

Attica – Guild member (Diamond Claw Guild, Slink Den); raised to guildmaster by Rezkin

Cratz – Henchman for Diamond Claw Guild (Justain)

Tyre – Diamond Claw Guildhouse guard (Justain)

Barclay – Diamond Claw Guildhouse guard (Justain)

Rom – Diamond Claw guild member, first to join Rezkin after Attica.

Yarl – Diamond Claw guild member (Justain) Rezkin killed after he tried to strangle Attica.

Benni – 16-year-old Diamond Claw guild member (Justain)

Kendt – Diamond Claw guild member (Justain)

Marson – Diamond Claw guild member (Justain); Attempted to lead a resistance

Madame Terly – brothel owner in Justain

Adsden – Second of the Serpent Guild (Justain)

Urek – Guildmaster of the Serpent Guild (Justain)

Marquis Addercroft – Urek’s cousin; Placed Urek as guildmaster of the Serpent Guild

Lord Montaq – Count of Vesterfield in the Kingdom of Sandea

Ruald Addercroft – Marquis Addercroft’s son

Marquis DeWinter – Lillian’s father

Hilith Gadderand –Razor Edge Thieves’ Guildmaster Guild, (Kaibain)

Breck –Razor Edge Thieves’ Guild Second (Kaibain)

Cainith – Tam’s eldest brother

Perrin – Tam’s second brother

Connin – Tam’s third brother

Lord Byron – Lord in Cheswick

Dornell – Lord Byron’s son

Nate – Deckhand on riverboat

Lieutenant Jimson – King’s Army officer; travel companion; later promoted to Captain

Captain Talwater – Riverboat captain

Second Lieutenant Swin – Soldier in Jimson’s unit on the riverboat

Corporal Lattery – Soldier in Jimson’s unit from Justain to Lorelis

Colonel Simmons – Colonel at Fort Maneske

King Caydean – King of Ashai, First son of King Bordran

Prince Thresson – Prince of Ashai, Second son of King Bordran that went missing

General Marcum Jebai – General of the army of Ashai; Frisha’s uncle

Simeon Jebai – Count of Glasbury; General Marcum’s older brother

Striker Hendina – Striker investigating the disappearance of Prince Thresson

Reaylin de Voss – Young female traveling companion who wants to be a warrior

Narus – Steward of House Marcum

Finnian – Stable Master of House Marcum

Adelina Marcum – General Marcum’s wife; Frisha’s aunt

Jerand Jebai – Marcum and Simeon Jebai’s deceased father

King Coroleus – First King of Ashai

Hilith Gadderand – Displaced guildmaster of the Razor Edge Guild in Kaibain

Breck – Second of the Razor Edge Guild in Kaibain, raised to guildmaster by Rezkin

Demky – Member of the Razor Edge Guild in Kaibain

Triald – Member of the Razor Edge Guild in Kaibain

Joselia and Meriana – Young noble ladies Tam, Frisha, and Rezkin met at a restaurant

Tieran Nirius – Son of Duke Wellinven; involved in a confrontation at restaurant

Lord Ambry – One of Tieran’s friends in Kaibain

Master Healer Dronidus – Dead master healer; Yerwey Dulse’s former master

Yerwey Dulse – Healer who helped Rezkin when he was injured in Kaibain

Malcius Jebai – Eldest son of Simeon Jebai

Palis Jebai – Youngest son of Simeon Jebai

Shiela Jebai – Daughter of Simeon Jebai

Sergeant Millins – Soldier in the Ashaiian army

Second Lieutenant Drascon – Soldier in the Ashaiian army

Ferrel – Jebai House guard

Guent – Jebai House guard

Maris – Jebai House guard

Jeyet – Jebai House guard

Tami – Shiela’s maid

Brandt Gerrand – Heir to House Gerrand; friend of the Jebais

Uratel – Slip in the Black Hall