Legends of Ahn (Book 3)

Character List:

Rhesh Carinen – Second son of Lord Gresh Carinen; firemage

Gresh Carinen – Villainous lord who supports Caydean

Alon Gerrand – The second son of House Gerrand

Moroven – Swordmaster, Rhesh’s instructor

Malcius Jebai First son of Count Simeon Jebai, Rezkin’s friend

Palis Jebai – Second son of Count Simeon Jebai, Rezkin’s friend who died in Skutton

Frisha Souvain-Marcum – Rezkin’s Girl Friend, General Marcum’s niece.

Tieran Nirius – Heir to House Wellinven

Shiela Jebai – Daughter of Count Simeon Jebai

Brandt Gerrand – Heir of House Gerrand, friend of the Jebais

Tamarin Blackwater – Rezkin’s best friend and apprentice

Wesson – battle mage

Reaylin de Voss – warrior/apprentice healer (Ashai)

Drom Nasque – Baron of Fendendril (Ashai)

Waylen Nasque – Drom Nasque’s son

Jimson Bell – Ashaiian Army captain, friend of Rezkin

Drascon Listh – Second Lieutenant in the King’s Army (Ashai)

Brell Millins – Sergeant in the King’s Army (Ashai)

Zankai (Kai) Colguerun Tresdian – Ashaiian striker loyal to Rezkin

Merk Estadd – Captain of the Stargazer, the ship leaving Skutton

Bilior – Katerghen; wood nymph

Brendam LuDou – Captain of the Royal Guard for King Desbian of Torrel

Lord Gerresy – Middling Torreli lord; tournament ambassador

Colton – Tieran’s man servant

Grebella – Brothel owner in Serret

Suras – Butcher in Serret

Urmel – Woman in brothel (Serret)

Tiani – Woman in brothel (Serret)

Count Mestison – Minister of Agriculture in Serret

Councilor Rebek – Member of the King’s Council of Channería

King Ionius – King of Channería

Councilor Harid – Member of the King’s Council of Channería

Councilor Onelle – Member of the King’s Council of Channería

Ilanet – Daughter of King Ionius, Channería

Mables – Ilanet’s nursemaid

Prince Nyan – Ilanet’s betrothed, second son of King Vargos of Jerea

Ikaxayim (Xa) Jeng’ri – second in command of the Order in Channería (Lus)

Rella – Woman at brothel (Serret)

Hvelia – Ahn’an of wind

Uspiul – Ahn’an of water

Liti and Itli – Ahn’an of fire

Goragana – Ahn’an of earth

Commander Cosp – Guard in Serret

Collectiare Tiblot – Head of the Temple of the Maker in Channería

Dronnicus – Captain of the Channerían Royal Guard

Minder Barkal – Priest of the Maker in Channería

Elder Minder Thoran – Priest of the Maker in Channería

Minder Finwy – Priest of the Maker in Channería, Minder Barkal’s assistant

Tami – Shiela’s maid

Uratel – Assassin of the Black Hall

Hespion Mulnak – Duke Atressian’s youngest son and heir

Fierdon Mulnak – Duke Atressian’s eldest son

Adsden Vesti – Guildmaster of the Serpents (Justain)

Baelin Gale – Thirty-year-old wind and water elemental mage

Leyton Wuald– LeukCaptain, King’s Army and former House Nirius Guard

Yserria Rey – Female commoner Swordmaster from Skutton

Yerlin Tomwell – Life mage

Marlis Tomwell – Ashaiian Knight of the Realm, Yerlin’s brother

Tresq Abertine – Sandean Viscount who traveled to Cael as refugee

Jespia Lonneli – Healer from tournament

Nanessy Threll – Elemental mage, fire and water affinity

Aelis Cress – Healer

Regis Namm – Corporal, King’s Army soldier, assisted the escape from Skutton

Grath Jaeg – Eastern Mountains man, Viergnacht Tribe

Prask Berly – Eastern Mountains man, Viergnacht Tribe

Gurrell Yuold – Eastern Mountains Chieftain of the Viergnacht Tribe

Myerin Ilgoth – Eastern Mountains Second, Viergnacht Tribe

Fedrin Malto – Young man from Torrel; brother of fallen Fifth Tier Swordmaster

Dennick Manding – Elemental water apprentice mage, Nirius house guard

King Desbian – King of Torrel

Opohl – Shielreyah of Caellurum

Elry – Shielreyah of Caellurum

Yeshri – Shielreyah of Caellurum

Groa – Half-Pruari guildmaster of the Diamond Claws thieves’ guild in Kaibain

Breck – Guildmaster of the Razar Edge thieves’ guild in Kaibain

Briesh – Master Assassin of the Black Hall

Cobb – A thief of the Justainian Serpent Guild

Simeon Jebai – Count of Glasbury; General Marcum’s older brother

Manaua – Shielreyah of Caellurum

LeukSergeant Yail Stratus – Tournament official, former Third Tier champion

Gillis Cormack – Alternate identity for Striker Farson

Striker Farson – Rezkin’s former trainer

Marcum Jebai – General of the Army of Ashai, Frisha’s uncle

Pethela Jebai – Countess of Glasbury, Simeon’s wife

Adelina Marcum – General Marcum’s wife

Morgessa Freil – Elemental mage; earth and fire

Ondrus Hammel – Life mage

Aplin Guel – Apprentice life mage