Reign of Madness (Book 2)

Character List:

Rezkin – A young warrior trained under mysterious circumstances

Master Jaiardun – Trainer at the mysterious northern fortress

Master Peider – Trainer at the mysterious northern fortress

Striker Farson – Striker at the northern fortress who escaped the fortress battle

Striker Adona – Striker at the northern fortress

Frisha Souvain – Rezkin’s Girl Friend, a.k.a. Lady Frisha Marcum

Tamarin “Tam” Blackwater – Young carpenter’s apprentice; Frisha’s escort

Captain Jimson – King’s Army officer; friend and travel companion to Rezkin

King Caydean – King of Ashai, First son of King Bordran

Prince Thresson – Prince of Ashai, second son of King Bordran that went missing

General Marcum Jebai – General of the army of Ashai; Frisha’s uncle

Simeon Jebai – Count of Glasbury; General Marcum’s older brother

Reaylin de Voss – Young female healer who wants to be a warrior

Tieran Nirius – Son of Duke Wellinven; involved in a confrontation at restaurant

Sergeant Millins – Army escort for Frisha and the Jebais to Skutton

Second Lieutenant Drascon – Army escort for Frisha and the Jebais to Skutton

Malcius Jebai – Heir to House Jebai, Frisha’s cousin

Palis Jebai – Second heir to House Jebai, Frisha’s cousin

Brandt Gerrand – Friend of the Jebais accompanying them to Skutton

Shiela Jebai – Simeon’s daughter, Frisha’s cousin

Tami – Shiela’s maid

Terissa Souvain – Frisha’s mother; Marcum and Simeon’s sister

Ferrel – Jebai House guardsman

Guent – Jebai House guardsman

Maris – Jebai House guardsman

Jeyet – Jebai House guardsman

Captain Crowleson – captain of the Luna Mara

Colton – Tieran’s manservant

Drom Nasque – Baron of Fendendril

Waylen Nasque – Baron Fendendril’s son

Journeyman Mage Wesson – Journeyman mage employed by Rezkin

Magistrate Jiruthis – Magistrate of Teurning

Mayor Tanning Quey – Mayor of Teurning

Zankai (Kai) Colguerun Tresdian – tried for the murder of Preson Quey in Teurning

Preson Quey – Killed in fight in Teurning, Mayor Quey’s son

Queen Lecillia – Bordan’s queen

King Golial – the Mad King, 602-637

Duke Oerand – Assumed the throne after overthrowing King Golial

Lord Gresh Carinen – A villainous lord who supports Caydean

Dynen Carinen – First son of Gresh Carinen, swordmaster

Rhesh Carinen – Second son of Gresh Carinen, fire mage

Duke Darning – Third cousin of Lady Carinen, fostered Rhesh Carinen

Hilith Gadderand – Displaced Guildmaster of the Razor Edge Guild in Kaibain

Duke Atressian – Contender against Duke Wellinven for the throne

Duke Ytrevius – Lords over the southern isles and western peninsula, has five daughters

Keskian – Master swordsmith that forged Rezkin’s black blade

Lord Urterian – Marquis of Shezeil, from the Kingdom of Jerea

Aspion of Ludren – Commoner blacksmith competing in the fifth tier and melee

Nanessy Threll – Elemental mage, fire and water affinity

Darius Vaughnright – Saddler competing in the fifth tier of the tournament

Holton of Skutton – Farmer competing in the fifth tier of the tournament

Yserria Rey – Commoner woman competing in the fifth tier of the tournament

Brendam LuDou – Captain of the Royal Guard for King Desbian of Torrel

Jeriah – Stable hand for Duke Ytrevius

Master Grey –Stable Master for Ytrevius

Guardsman Mrikson – Member of Ytrevius House Guard

Safrina – 18 years of age, Duke Ytrevius’s eldest daughter.

Geila – 16 years of age, Duke Ytrevius’s second daughter.

Meris – 14 years of age, Duke Ytrevius’s third daughter.

Hespion – Youngest son of Duke Atressian

Fierdon – Atressian’s eldest son

Deysius – King Bordran’s brother who died without an heir

King Trent – King of Verril

Lady Chiselia – Daughter of Baron Esceran, having an affair with Duke Ytrevius.

Jespia – Healer during the tournament who investigates Malcius’s poisoning

LeukSergeant Yail Stratus – Tournament official, former third tier champion

Urius Sedt – Captain of the guard for Duke Wellinven

Shivés Ruolt – Count under the authority of Duke Darning, Daggermaster

Parker Farmer – Commoner farmer from Skutton, Stavemaster

Gurrell Yuold – Chieftain of the Eastern Mountains tribe at the tournament

Queen Deseria – Former queen of Lon Lerésh, her brother killed her

Marquis of Quenth – (Ashai) second place winner of fifth tier

Klent Wolton – One of Caydean’s select strikers

Shezar Olnag – A loyal striker

Roark Genring – A loyal striker

Merk Estadd – Captain of the Stargazer, the ship leaving Skutton