Free the Darkness (Book 1)


Kingslayer – Sheyalin longsword

Bladesunder – Sheyalin shortsword

crass root – A root chewed for its slightly intoxicating and energizing effects

kendlewood – An expensive hardwood imported from Ferélle

thump – A unit of currency equal to ten silver pieces, named after the sound they make when dropped on the table.

Jahartan Empire – Ancient foe of Ashai during King Coroleus’s reign

su’carai – Weapons used by the nomadic mountain tribes to the far east

Ink – Street drug made from parabata leaves

parabata leaves – Leaves used to make ink

Black Hall – (a.k.a. the Hall) The Assassin’s Guild of Ashai

Adana’Ro – Assassin’s guild of Ferélle

suraceous poison – A type of poison used by the Adana’Ro, particularly on their darts

Riel’sheng – “Giver of death”; ancient name for the Assassin’s Guild

Riel’gesh – “Giver of life”; the name given to Rezkin as the liege lord of the Hall