Legends of Ahn (Book 3)


Kingslayer – Sheyalin longsword

Bladesunder – Sheyalin shortsword

Jahartan Empire – Ancient foe of Ashai during King Coroleus’s reign

vimara – Mage power, “water of life”

Stargazer – ship on which the refugees escaped from Skutton

marglow – a type of massive tree with large twisting roots

Keurg – an inedible animal known for violence

Katerghen – a fae creature; wood nymph

Ahn’an – fae (beings composed of the power of only two gods—Rheina and Mikayal)

Daem’Ahn – demon

H’khajnak –Daem’Ahn Realm

Rheina – Goddess of the Firmament, the Realm of Life

Nihko – Goddess of Death, the Afterlife

Mikayal – God of the Soul

Chiandre – the soul’s connection between the physical vessel/body and Afterlife

Ahgre’an – Realm of the Ahn’an

Collectiare – head of the Temple of the Maker

Walcuttin Golden Ale – ale from Verril best served in the spring

The Order – Channerían assassin’s guild (Riel’sheng)

Ong’ri – leader of the Order

Jeng’ri – second of the Order

Ahn’tep – (beings composed of the power of three gods)

Eihelvanan – name of the elven people

Darwaven – ancient race of elves

Argonts – ancient race of giants

Shielreyah – an eihelvanan warrior who gave up his spirit to guard the citadel

Drauglics – wild, vicious semi-intelligent creatures

“Leuk” – Prefix affixed to a military rank to indicate someone who finished his 5-year term and no longer serves (e.g. LeukSergeant)