Reign of Madness (Book 2)


Kingslayer – Sheyalin longsword

Bladesunder – Sheyalin shortsword

Jahartan Empire – Ancient foe of Ashai during King Coroleus’s reign

su’carai – Weapons used by the nomadic mountain tribes to the far east.

Cronelis – A breed of horse

Augmerian – Battle charger of the king’s stock

Bo’duen Parté – A complicated archaic sword form

vimara – Mage power, “water of life”

Gorova and Munera – Mythical fae beings that symbolized truth and justice

great horn wool – Export of Ashai

chessery – An herb grown in Verril

padrion – A type of dye; export of Ashai

selaric – A mage material that becomes pliant and easily formed when vimara is applied.

saph – A gold coin with an inset sapphire worth one hundred gold pieces.

dret – A gold coin with an outer ring of dretious, worth ten gold pieces.

dretious – A mage crafted material used in coins.

fithyball – A sport often played by children in the street

sylph – Air spirit

nixie – A female water spirit, generally unfriendly

Meagran Principal – The merchant principal that says that if people believe a good is difficult to acquire or that it is going to be in limited supply, you could make a much higher profit even if it wasn’t true.

sable sand – A material used by mages

cindermint oil – Used for determining the nature of poisons and toxins

crophylius serum – Very deadly poison

triania extract – Not deadly poison, used for inducing sleep and vomiting; treated with solument powder

solument powder – Used to treat triania poisoning

terandian root oil – Used to treat wyrmwood poisoning

“Leuk” – Prefix affixed to a military rank to indicate someone who finished a 5-year term and no longer serves (e.g. LeukSergeant)

naginata – A wooden pole with a long single-edged blade at one end