December Update 2016

December Update 2016

I’m sorry that I will be unable to release Book 3 this month. I think most of you agree that you would prefer a good book rather than one that is quickly written. Book 3 is going to be a bit longer than expected, but I think few will complain. Hopefully, you will find it to be just as exciting and intriguing as the first two.

(If you commence cabbage throwing, please toss in a bit of corned beef and soda bread so I can make a meal of it.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How soon will the audiobook be released after the ebook?

Answer: I try to release the ebook as soon as it is ready. This means that I will send it to the  audiobook publisher (Podium Publishing) for recording at the same time, and hopefully it will meet with their scheduling. I expect the audiobook will be released within a few months of the ebook.

Question: When will the books be available in print?

Answer: I have been unsatisfied with the self-publishing options that I have researched to date. I am still considering the best options to bring the series to print, including traditional publishing.

  • Darin
    Posted at 20:28h, 14 February Reply

    So do you have a complete list of Rezkin’s rules? Just curious

    • Minh
      Posted at 21:02h, 14 February Reply

      Actually, it’s the Striker’s rules. But a complete list would be awesome to see.

  • Mary S
    Posted at 03:07h, 13 February Reply

    I must say, I did not expect to get so entranced when I began this setier. I had been looking through reviews for a new sci-fi or fantasy and your name poped up. I was unfamiliar with you but the reviews if the first book were outstanding, so I bought it.

    At first, I thought I was going to be bored by this big man who was totally confused about society. It seemed like a slow start. I kept reading and must have been half way through the book before I realized how much I had been drawn into the story. Upon completion, I immediately began the second book. I enjoyed it immensely! I only wish I had discovered you later, so I may have had no wait for your third book. I am an impatient reader!

    Thank you … but do hurry. 😮

  • Ranga2334
    Posted at 03:00h, 13 February Reply

    can you please give us an estimate of when this book will be released

  • Stephen Xin
    Posted at 16:08h, 09 February Reply

    Will the next book be released sometime in December?

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