Feeling the LOVE for KDT

Feeling the LOVE for KDT

img_0005Audible released its list of Highest Rated Audiobooks of 2016. The list includes audiobooks across all genres. Guess who made the list at #3!

Thank you to all the listeners/readers who expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for the series by leaving an Audible or Amazon review and/or rating. (If you haven’t done so, it would still be greatly appreciated!)

Special thanks to Nick Podehl for his amazing performance, Chris McGrath for the stunning cover art, and Podium Publishing for producing an excellent product!

  • Lorraine
    Posted at 22:49h, 16 December Reply

    Congratulations! Thank you so very much for writing these wonderful books!

  • Paul
    Posted at 22:31h, 16 December Reply

    Please please say you are in development for the audio and are releasing both and thats the delay.

  • darkeidolons
    Posted at 21:12h, 16 December Reply

    I wasn’t that into audiobooks before these (I read KDT first), but heard good things about the audio version and LOVED them. –I can’t wait for more (hint-hint!). 😀

  • Scott
    Posted at 20:12h, 16 December Reply

    Best book of 2016 hands down. Seriously can’t wait for book 3. Well done

  • Hayden Haddad
    Posted at 20:04h, 16 December Reply

    It worth to be #1. This not just a story, it’s a life changing. I learned a lot from KDT. Congratulation!!

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 20:12h, 16 December Reply

      I’m glad I could have such an impact, hopefully for the better. You now have me curious about what you learned and how it was so life changing.

      • Jack
        Posted at 17:49h, 21 January Reply

        Any updates coming soon?

  • surran12
    Posted at 19:53h, 16 December Reply

    Well deserved. Congratulations!

    • David Titus
      Posted at 22:14h, 21 January Reply

      I am 62 and a bookahaulic. Having rediscovered fantasy books a few years ago, and read perhaps 100 or so, KDT is among my favorites. Considering Rezkin by himself, I have a hard time finding his equal, as a literary creation, despite trying really hard. The last time I recall being as entranced with a literary character is Hannibal Lecter, who Stephen King wrote was one of the great literary creations ever. What keeps haunting me about Rezkin is the fusion of a great mind and a peerless warrior, together with how his unique genius adapts to interaction with others. I find it hard to imagine how many books featuring Rezkin it would take for me to tire of him, except I am pretty sure it would be more than you are prepared to write. All this praise of Rezkin takes nothing away from your other characters, my favorites being Frisha and Tamarin, who I pray survive the coming war and remain Friends. Needless to say, I can hardly wait for KDT 3.

      • Kel Kade
        Posted at 02:10h, 23 January Reply

        I appreciate your kind words. I’m glad you like the characters so much. It’s amazing how people connect with a character who has difficulty truly connecting with others. Someone who seemingly needs no protection elicits strong feelings of protectiveness from readers. As such, I think people are a bit hard on Frisha. I’m glad to hear that you like Frisha and Tam, because they are also some of my favorite characters. Thank you for your support and readership.

    • Sean
      Posted at 20:31h, 24 January Reply

      That is awesome, I listen to both books all the time and they have skyrocketed two of my favorites in my audible library. I tell everyone that loves the genre to read these two, so far everyone has enjoyed them. I never tire of these books, and I look forward to getting lost in the new book when you feel it is ready.

    • Taylor Upchurch
      Posted at 17:04h, 28 January Reply

      My boyfriend and I are completely obsessed with KTD. I came home from work one day and found him pouting on the couch. I was taken aback as I realized that I have never seen him sincerely pout. I asked him what was going on, and with a boisterous outburst, he said, “I FINISHED THE SECOND BOOK AND THE THIRD IS NOT OUT YET! I JUST FLEW THROUGH IT, AND NOW I AM ON THE EDGE OF ONE OF THE LARGEST CLIFFHANGERS EVER!” So, of course, I knew that they had to be great books with this reaction, and around a week later, he received a similar reaction from me. I don’t know if you have ever played any type of video game, but it was interesting to read while playing Skyrim, there are quite a bit of similarities in the time era. Furthermore, you have once again have created two more fans that will be purchasing every book in this series without the blink of an eye. We are big fans of Brandon Sanderson and you have earned your place right there next to him. Thank you so much for following your dreams and writing these fantastic books. You are truly talented! We are looking forward to what is to come!

      • Kel Kade
        Posted at 05:53h, 01 February Reply

        Thank you so much for writing. This was hilarious. I’m glad you and your boyfriend are so excited about the books. I’ve never played Skyrim, but I do enjoy video games–at least, I did way back when I had time to play.

        I appreciate the silent, shadowy place you and others have assigned me next to Sanderson. Since I’m sure he has never heard of me, I’m like the creepy stranger who sits too close to him in an empty theater. That’s okay, though, because I have you guys cheering me on. 😀

      • Katy
        Posted at 15:25h, 21 February Reply

        Omg this was me yesterday. I finished the 2nd book and went to go purchase the 3rd and realized it wasn’t our yet!! I LITERALLY wanted to cry!!
        I am the type of person who constantly reads and when I either finish a series or a book and waiting on the next I usually can just pop right into anther book. Yea well not this time! Im so involved in the lives and stories of all involved I can’t find anther book that even compares at he moment. I was the same way about the wheel of time series and when waiting for Sanderson to finish the final book. So just like they said you are right up there with Sanderson and all the other great fantasy themed writers. You took me into the world of Rez and all his friends and I enjoyed every moment of it. I developed a love for all the characters that I haven’t found in a book in a long time (probably since WoT). I need that 3rd book because until then, no other book will be able to take my mind away from the characters and world you created for us!

      • William Wagner
        Posted at 07:35h, 21 May Reply

        This is especially funny to me, as I keep telling the person who recommended the audiobooks to me that the narrator does a few voices that sound identical to a few Skyrim characters.

    • Mercedez
      Posted at 19:22h, 05 March Reply

      Kel Kade!!!!!!!

      *Crosses arms dramatically*
      I see book three is not out yet…
      *Begins tapping foot impatiently*
      Well? You’re not going to allow FRIENDS of Rezkin to continue on waiting for him without so much as an inkling when to expect book #3 on Audible, are you?
      *Tilts head backwards as I look down my nose with all grace of a royal snot*
      Well? What would Rez think?


      In all seriousness I absolutely LOVE your books and cannot wait for #3 to come out. And with Nick Podehl as Narrator it just makes the books that much better. I laughed so much during the two books. So so much. I absolutely love the series and the characters.

      • Kel Kade
        Posted at 20:58h, 10 March Reply

        I’m glad to hear that you appreciate the humor. I agree that Nick took the books to a level any author could hope for. Thanks for writing.

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