January 2019 Update

January 2019 Update


I’m currently working on copyedits for the first installment of the Shroud of Prophecy series, Fate of the Fallen, to be released later this year. The cover release is coming soon. I’m also writing the next in the KDT series, which is a prequel titled A Mage of No Renown. I’ve started the yet unnamed KDT 5, but I don’t have a release date.

  • Shayne E Palmer
    Posted at 10:59h, 02 June Reply

    Just finished book 4 of the KDT series. May be my favorite series to date, definitely in the top 2! Chomping at the bit for book 5!

  • Sharon Wimberly
    Posted at 18:49h, 29 May Reply

    Is there still no release date for KDT book 5? Why is it that authors start totally different and unrelated stories/series’ before they complete the series they’re already in the middle of? I read another fams comment on a different update, and it made me wonder also. I’m sure your new series will be fantastic, you’re an awesome story teller,and your way of writing is so spot on for what I’m always looking for in any books I pick up. The KDT series is my top five all time and like all the other fans I just cannot wait till you drop the 5th. Wish you could update a little more though, or outline the time lines for your works so we can know what to expect. I like to hold off on starting a series till its finished and begun this one right after the third book was released, thinking it was the final installment. Ugh!! And I just read in another comment on here that you may even kick out more in the series and not end it at book 5 afterall!!! Ahhh!!! The torture of falling in love with an author’s works and story’s before they have finished them! Oooh the suspense is terrible. You’re great and I cant wait to see what you come up with in the future. (Thiugh after I finish KDT I am going to wait till you finish your next series before I start the first book, I know I’ll probably be just as quickly and irrevocably snagged with it as I was with KDT.)
    THANKS SO MUCH for being so great at what you do, and gifting us with these wonderful stories.

    • Steven Adrine
      Posted at 19:15h, 27 June Reply

      Thanks so much for shedding light on this subject. I follow Brandon Sanderson and he is known for producing other books without a word of the next installment of the book I’m waiting for.

    • Cory Barbour
      Posted at 16:34h, 24 July Reply

      I agree completely…. Can’t wait for KDT5

  • Rolando A Gamboa
    Posted at 12:53h, 20 May Reply

    I have gone thru all four books on audible now for the 3rd time and I think I am about to start it again!! 🙁

    I NEED the next installment asap!!….WHEN????? give us something to look forward to!

    LOVE this series!!…its up there with any SCFI-Adventure

  • Justin
    Posted at 07:05h, 08 May Reply

    I agree with Ruby 😞

  • Jackie
    Posted at 15:30h, 01 May Reply

    I absolutely LOVE KDT series! Can not wait until book 5 comes but very excited about a prequel.

  • Ruby
    Posted at 08:21h, 10 April Reply


    – Omg. Omg. YASSSSSSSSSSS. I don’t love prequels but I’ll take as many books I can get out of the KDT series.

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