July Update 2017

July Update 2017

King’s Dark Tidings Book 3 is currently in editing. The ebook is scheduled for release in September!

Podium Publishing will begin audiobook prep-work in September for recording with the amazing Nick Podehl in October. Podium is estimating release of the audiobook in January.

Thank you for your patience, and good reading!


  • Kate
    Posted at 02:19h, 08 August Reply

    I got the first two books through my kindle free reading thing. I liked these books so very much I went back and bought them for my permanent library. I cannot wait for the next book! Beautifully written. Bravo

  • Terry Pham
    Posted at 21:09h, 07 August Reply

    Ever since I picked up Free The Darkness, I have had this insatiable desire for more KDT! When I finished the second book, I felt unsatisfied and kept trying to sate my desire for MORE. Whether it be finding more books to read or just re-reading the two books over and over again, I have been waiting and craving. I have checked every 2 hours for an update on the third book, so when this came out I was celebrating! Thank you for taking the time to update to us, readers, on the book’s progress. It helps me to know that its coming out soon!



  • Ben
    Posted at 20:41h, 07 August Reply

    I was wondering if we will be seeing any hardcopies being printed… i love the audio books but call me old school i love having the book in hand while i read

  • Dixie B.
    Posted at 00:42h, 07 August Reply

    This is great news! Congratulations! And thanks for your committment to keeping your readers in the loop.

  • kyle k
    Posted at 08:17h, 06 August Reply

    Thanks for the update. Wish the book would be out sooner but I’m glad just no wing it’ll be here in a few more weeks. You are an amazing writer and I hope there are many more books in this series

  • Patrick Bearpaw
    Posted at 00:12h, 05 August Reply

    How soon before I can prepare order book 3. My son and I anxiously await it.

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