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  • Josh
    Posted at 15:11h, 05 November Reply

    Any idea when book 6 kings dark
    Tidings can be anticipated? Great series.

  • Josh
    Posted at 15:10h, 05 November Reply

    Any idea when book 6 is coming? Great series.

  • Are these people a threat?
    Posted at 15:47h, 07 May Reply

    “Shezar was swiftly rendered unconscious, and Farson had taken a hard strike to his temple with the pommel of the male’s sword. On his knees, Farson blinked up at Rezkin with dazed eyes that were attempting to focus through the blood and obvious pain.”

    The next day

    Shezar’s voice held a hard edge as he said, “Emperor, are these people a threat?” Rezkin replied, “Of course they are, but you may sheath your weapons.” His gaze shifted about the room quickly before he said, “Why are you all in my suite?” Farson scowled as he roughly seated his sword in its scabbard. “You disappeared. When you did not return this morning, we became concerned. We were just having a meeting about where to look for you.”

    “Ah, you would not have found me,” said Rezkin closing the distance between them. Shezar’s gaze slid to the side. “Reaylin suggested there was little reason to worry since you were with Mage Threll.” Rezkin furrowed his brow at Reaylin. “You think she is so powerful that she could protect me from any threat?” Reaylin chuckled. “No, I just thought maybe you two wanted some alone time.”

    This is weird.. Why would Farson think he disappeared, when he was obviously attacked and taken.

    Why would Reaylin suggest there was little reason to fear, as she would have returned to everyone unconscious and bleeding on the floor. This is very odd.

  • And Reaylin?
    Posted at 15:28h, 07 May Reply


    Jimson dipped his chin in a nod and said, “Rezkin.” Before he could leave, though, Shezar and Farson appeared in the doorway. Rezkin rose from the floor where he had been searching to find that Nanessy had also joined the waiting party. “And Reaylin?” he said, noting her absence. “She left our room ahead of me,” said Nanessy. “I had thought maybe she was already here.” “I have not seen her yet,” he said as he stepped over to the seating area. “We need to discuss—”

    What happened to Reaylin?

  • Darian D
    Posted at 15:55h, 17 April Reply

    Can’t wait for book 6. Thank you.

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