KDT for Your Listening Pleasure

KDT for Your Listening Pleasure


I have very exciting news for King’s Dark Tidings fans! Everyone wants to know when Book 3 is going to be available. That is not the announcement I am making. (So sorry – I know that was evil *insert evil cackle here*.) For many KDT fans, this is just as good…maybe.

Many readers have requested availability of KDT in audiobook format. This was not something I wanted to rush, because I wanted to make sure it was done right. The success of the series has encouraged me to accept only the best for my readers! I have heard your pleas and seek to provide!

I am proud to announce that Podium Publishing will be producing professional quality audiobooks for the King’s Dark Tidings series. Podium has published hundreds of audiobooks and received numerous awards, including the 2015 Audie Award for Best Science Fiction Audiobook for its best-known work The Martian by Andy Weir. Even better, Podium specializes in the fantasy and science fiction genre! They have a long list of audiobooks by your favorite fantasy authors like Brian D. Anderson, R. A. Salvatore, Anthony Ryan, and Michael G. Manning. (Click here for more audiobooks by Podium)

With a vast community of professional narrators, Podium has managed to contract award winning voice actor Nick Podehl to read KDT’s Free the Darkness (Book 1) and Reign of Madness (Book 2). Mr. Podehl has performed a long list of books and has won multiple awards for his efforts. Some of you may be familiar with his work on Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles or other works by well-known fantasy writers R. L. Stine, Andre Norton, and Mercedes Lackey.

Recording for Book 1 is scheduled to begin at the end of May or early June, and recording for Book 2 will begin in early July. I will keep you posted on the actual release dates when they become available!

Thank you so much for your readership and enthusiastic encouragement!


P.S. I still don’t have a release date for Book 3, but I am concurrently working on a side tale for one of the main supporting characters. I’ll let you guys figure out who it might be! And, yes, I do read the discussions on the Amazon Kel Kade forum.  They’re awesome!

  • Melissa Munoz-Reyes
    Posted at 02:56h, 24 May Reply

    I wish there were time to convey just how rare it is for me to find few faults with storytelling, and how much rarer still it is for me to leave a comment somewhere about it. The books are excellent, even if they do retread some territory from time to time with Rezkin’s introspection (I blame the Masters for that one). I agree wholeheartedly with your decision to play the release date close to the vest since at best it would paint you into a corner, and at worst you’d become a cliche author adept mostly at pushing back deadlines and shedding fans in the meantime.

    It is a great story, and all involved have places to go. You’ve effectively upped the ante and introduced myriad possibilities. Is one of the living slaves/refugees someone important? Will the Mountain Chieftan and his burly cohorts play a larger role? Is the Mad King even alive or in charge right now? Where are the other royals? Where is General Marcum? What fruit will Rez’s criminal network bear? Is Frisha going to be able to handle her new station with minimal whining? (Note: that last one is important. I have the same gripe with Denna in Rothfuss’ books.)

    I would strongly recommend providing advanced copies to people to proof for errors. Although the storytelling is great, having the intelligent and precise True King repeating himself or skipping words is jarring. Others have mentioned homophones that are not caught by spellcheckers. If you feel you’ve done this in the past, you might want to change or expand the distribution of manuscripts. Just my two cents.

  • Will
    Posted at 21:33h, 21 May Reply

    OMG I am 14 and have loved your books, I couldn’t stop reading and by the time I had read both I then was avidly looking on the internet for the third, or at least when it is coming out. If, by any chance, you, (oh master of writing) would please, Please (I’m begging you) to give us at least hint around when its coming out I would be thankful!

  • Brian
    Posted at 01:20h, 20 May Reply

    Against my expectations, your books fit that rare category of books that are dangerous because I can’t stop reading. I was wondering, could you please post a full list of the Rules?

  • silverlodi
    Posted at 20:46h, 02 May Reply

    Just finished reading both books in just as many days and I have to say I absolutely loved them! It’s been a while since I got so into a book that I completely ignored everything else until I finished and it felt great! I’m a huge fan of the way you write the action and combat scenes too. It’s so fluidly written. Thank you so much for giving us such a great reading experience. I look forward to book three and I’ll try to contain my excitement while I wait 😀

  • Tyler young
    Posted at 21:14h, 25 April Reply

    Just wondering if you are going to release an update on the book 3 progress?

  • Phil Reed
    Posted at 05:28h, 23 April Reply

    Single parent, working a day job, and writing this fantastic series. I am not an avid reader, but this well written story captivated me! I could not stop, and enjoyed numerous moments of laughing out load. I waited a decade for book 4 of King’s, Dark Tower Series. I will wait for book 3 of Dark Tidings. Great job.

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 12:55h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you! It’s great to be recognized for my efforts, and I have felt that from so many readers. Your appreciation is encouraging. I’ll try not to wait a decade for the next release. I don’t think my inbox could handle the fallout.

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