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  • Robert Stoermer
    Posted at 01:44h, 04 December Reply

    Kel Kade
    Can you say what happened to the soldiers in stone? Are they dead? Also what is the status of book 5?

  • silenceofthepickles
    Posted at 06:14h, 22 November Reply

    Just curious if there is a projected release date for book 5? Super impatient! πŸ™‚

  • O
    Posted at 23:39h, 04 November Reply

    I love it! This and the upcoming Daniel Black. What a great year to read books with OP protagonist.

    I just finished reading the book and it’s so vexing to wait, it’ll be worth it though.

    √ OP Rezkin – As usual. I love OP Rezkin. This is the main reason why I read the first book. Keep him OP.
    √ Rezkin x Erisial – Hot! This literally sealed that your book is unique from the rest. Respect!
    √ Adana’Ro + Arethia – Glad to have the name of that mysterious Secrele from the Black Hall.
    √ Tam growing so fast – Good! I hope Rezkin destroys the slave trade.
    √ Frisha x Tieran (some commenters have spoiled it already :D) – Frisha growing up!
    √ Rezkin hugging Nanasey – Farson: β€œAre you going to release her or hold her all night?”
    βœ— Ilanet x Tam – Nope. Ilanet’s like minor, a small-woman. I know it’s common in medieval society to court minors not to mention I’ve said your book is unique but and…. it still bothers me.

    I want Yserria x Rezkin dammit! …But I understand.

    So I’m guessing Reaylin will have bigger role in the next book?

    Don’t shove Frisha to Rezkin please. Your readers don’t like cliche.

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