King’s Dark Tidings Book 1

  • Tomas Mario Franco
    Posted at 09:45h, 26 December Reply

    How many books are going to be in the series?
    Is book 5 the last, or are there going to be several more?

  • Hugh Brown
    Posted at 14:03h, 18 February Reply

    Please publish in paper

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 18:23h, 25 July Reply

      KDT will be available in paperback when the release of book 5 nears.

  • Jack
    Posted at 17:45h, 18 December Reply

    I have read this book, and it is one of the best books i have ever read. My only problem though: why have you not published this in an actual handheld book?

    • Evelyn
      Posted at 07:15h, 01 July Reply


  • colton
    Posted at 14:04h, 27 February Reply

    when does this take place? 1400’s, 1500’s, 1600’s

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 19:08h, 28 February Reply

      These books are based in a fantasy world. The presence of magic has affected their understanding of nature, medicine, technological development, etc. Although it is a medieval style society, it would not be considered historically accurate to any time period.

  • Derek Hartwig
    Posted at 20:15h, 28 November Reply

    I wish there was a complete list of the “Rules” Rezkin operates under….

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