King’s Dark Tidings Book 2

King’s Dark Tidings Book 2

I am so excited to receive great reviews and feedback on “Free the Darkness” (KDT Book 1) from KDT fans.

“Reign of Madness” (KDT Book Two) is in the proofreading stage and will be available for purchase soon! Click “Follow” to the left for e-mail updates or visit me on Facebook.

Book 3 is in the writing stage now!

  • Jeremiah
    Posted at 13:00h, 16 January Reply

    Downloaded KDT 1 yesterday morning. Usually hit the rack at about 10:30am,work nights, but was so engrossed in the book I had to force myself to put it down at half past noon so I wouldn’t be a complete zombie last night. Absolutely love!

  • Stephen H Chavez
    Posted at 06:26h, 13 January Reply

    I really enjoyed reading KDT book 1. I can honestly say that I was immediately caught up in your characters. The action and humor was mesmerizing. I picked this book up at about 6 this morning and have been totally engrossed. It is now 10 pm and beside myself with regret that the 2nd book is in process. If it isn’t clear let me say with purpose, “I Like It!” A lot. Can’t wait to read the next. Thank you, sir. I will be following you for the continuing saga of Reznick and any further works you may be planning to put out here.
    Sincerely, Stephen Chavez ( A fan)

  • Y-axis
    Posted at 21:23h, 11 January Reply

    You wouldn’t be looking for another beta read would you? because I would love to have the opportunity, I really liked your book (god I love long books) for your, characters, story and world building. I read quickly (finished your book last night took less than a day) and I have beta read before for an author named Lee Dunning (author of the Chronicles of Shadow). I really would love being a small part of a series that I think is going to be truly great. Please continue your fantastic work.

    ps I know this is kinda out of nowhere but I have to try

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 00:08h, 12 January Reply

      I really appreciate the offer, and I’ll keep it in mind and let you all know when I branch out. I am excited that you enjoyed the book, and the second one will be a bit longer.

      • Y-axis
        Posted at 19:39h, 12 January Reply

        Longer you say? I think you are now one of the best people ever

  • Wellewinius
    Posted at 19:51h, 11 January Reply

    Truly enjoyed the first book, and especially all the funny misconceptions between the “friends”. As the story progress I guess there will be less of those as Rezkin wizes up to the real world, but I will miss Rezkin’s utter confusion when he finally encounters friends and how he is supposed to protect them. Looking forward to the next book though 🙂

  • Stephen Xin
    Posted at 00:35h, 10 January Reply

    When does the second book come out? Like could you give us rough timeline?

    • Kel Kade
      Posted at 20:34h, 11 January Reply

      I’m just waiting on my proofreaders, but I’ll be sure to provide them with positive encouragement on your behalf! It should be in the next couple of weeks after last edits. Thank you for your appreciation of my book.

      • Bill Gullickson
        Posted at 18:01h, 23 October Reply

        Read #2 and loved it. Rezkin is great, both brilliant and clueless. Timeline on #3? Ballpark?

  • Kel Kade
    Posted at 02:36h, 08 January Reply

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    • Scott
      Posted at 18:35h, 08 January Reply

      What a great book been a long time no time since I couldnt but a book down . Ready for the next one

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