Legends of Ahn, (KDT 3)–Purchase Now!

Legends of Ahn, (KDT 3)–Purchase Now!

Legends of Ahn, (King’s Dark Tidings, Book 3) is available for purchase on Amazon now!

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Rezkin is an elite warrior who aims to restore order in Ashai after Caydean’s attack on the King’s Tournament transformed former allies and trading partners into enemies. With no army and only a ragtag group of refugees, Rezkin must wrest control of the kingdom from the mad and powerful usurper, who seems bent on destruction, and this may not be the biggest challenge. If he fails, the kingdom will be ripped apart, and Rezkin will have violated Rule 1—to protect and honor his friends—leaving him without country, purpose, or honor.

Audiobook to be released in January 2018.

  • Adam M.
    Posted at 16:49h, 09 October Reply

    Does anybody have any idea how many books are planned to be in the series? It seems like there are at least 2 more books needed to do the series justice unless the 4th book is massive

  • Jordan
    Posted at 22:42h, 27 September Reply

    After whar seemed like years, I finally got Book 3 and am blown away! I loved Books 1 & 2. Book 3 is a home run. I love the way my worldview is stretching. The author puts me in the story. I only know what the characters know (and sometimes we are both wrong). I enjoy being thrust into a battle wondering what the hell! It feels so real. Kade acknowledges the readers intelligence and makes us sometimes confused, lost, frustrated, anxious and impatient. By the same token we enjoy a variety of emotions and thought provoking issues. From a pyschological view we gain insight into the possible inner workings of others : where they lived, how they lived and What Rules they were taught and how they interpreted them and finally how they interpreted
    ….oh, wait a minute, these are important in our lives as well … something to think about in our outworld lives when we leave Rez-world. Five stars!

  • Robert Duncan
    Posted at 09:00h, 24 September Reply

    I dont’ know if you have already done this but can we get a full list of all the rules? I would love to know them all if you have actually made one

  • mavsynchroid
    Posted at 06:31h, 19 September Reply

    Just finished the third book. It was…. ok. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. I think I just loved the first two books even more. Just felt like not much happened in this book. Won’t say anything that would be consider spoil-ish of course. Hope things pick up again in the fourth book!

    • Leo
      Posted at 03:35h, 23 September Reply

      Much like the other comments I found book three and a tad disappointing. Book one is on my all time favorite list I absolutely loved it . Book two was exceptional as well I have no idea where book 3 even came from I hope book four gets back on track

  • Russ Stebbins
    Posted at 18:51h, 18 September Reply

    I think the addition of the demon plot line is unnecessary and distracting. To me instead of making the story more challenging as a practical effect, it removes all of the supporting characters (raven’s organization, etc.) as part of the story resolution. It jumps the shark and consumes story time that would be better spent in exploring Rez’s understanding of the rules as they apply to the ‘real’ world. (this is one of my pet peeves where authors confuse difficulty with interesting).

    Looking forward to volume 4 to see where this goes.

    • Brian B
      Posted at 22:39h, 18 September Reply

      The story is being set up that the war he is bringing to the “madness” that is spreading throughout Ashai is not just a crazy king, and has something to do with the darkness in ones soul.
      I am reminded of the Baron’s talk about how he has seen darkness in men that left him in want of a dreamless sleep.
      Since they are now inhabiting an Elven fortress, everyone assumes that Rezkin is part Elf, but I wonder why Bilior was offended when Rezkin asked if he could make a double of himself. That makes me think that Rezkin is something else…
      Even in the first book, they were talking about Demons. I don’t think it takes away from the story at all, and it doesn’t make it anymore confusing to me. It just ties in some things from the past books, and offers up some more details.

    • mavsynchroid
      Posted at 06:36h, 19 September Reply

      I have to agree. Honestly, what sets this series apart from all the other series set in this kind of fantasy world is Rezkin himself. His skills in opposition to his personality are extremely interesting, but I feel like none of that was really explored. I also agree that the demon plot was something I was disappointed in when I saw it come up. Just kinda dropped the series down into the generic fantasy genre more. MY pet peeve is… Why the heck has Rezkin STILL not asked about who assigned Frisha and Tam as his “Friends”. Never like it when authors do something like this, and you’re waiting for the “reveal” that takes too long in coming. Feels like it’s a cheap trick to keep the readers reading. Really hope book 4 is better and more about Rezkin himself, and not just him walking around being king.

      • Russ Stebbins
        Posted at 17:08h, 19 September Reply

        It is like there are two different books. The first half is more typical Rez behavior (Rules, the cats, and interaction with the princess and king). Then he gets to Cael and it is a different book where it all depends on his genes instead of his learned behavior. As you say, generic hero story. All of the secondary characters from the first half are ignored except for brief cameo. I wonder if there was a gap between the two parts in the writing.

        • Scotik
          Posted at 17:31h, 19 September Reply

          I agree! It’s almost like 2 writers or big gap when written. Preferred the 1st half.

      • Josh Christenson
        Posted at 16:03h, 20 September Reply


        Don’t discount the fact that as soon as they reached the island Rez was attacked by something that has not been explained. His character and mental state have been under assault the moment he touched the door. Was it the ancient energies that try to steal his mind or the necromancer that seems to be lurking on the island.

        To me that gives Rez so much more depth then a generic Rambo type hero. I like that Tam is growing into his own, Frisha has not shown the strength of character that she had in the first book which sucks.

        As far as the demons. They are not disctracting since they are the enemy of the fae and the elves (my guess for why they are gone). And potentially is why the mad king has went from slow steady destruction of the kingdom to a fury of crazy.

        As far as the ending it seems as though this was written like the first 2. I don’t remember where I read it but 1 and 2 were essentially written as 1 story and broken up by, publisher? Not sure.

      • Luke
        Posted at 22:58h, 20 September Reply

        I agree with this post and the few others above it. This book felt like it should have been book 5. It is a completely new plot line and did very little to evolve the plot from the first 2 books. Everything Rez did on Cael was a “waist of time”. Not to say it wasn’t interesting and didn’t progress the characters, which is was and did, but not the right time. I wanted to spend much more time exploring the jail break and how the General got to Rez’s old fort.

        Example, the opening scene has Rhesh rescue the Gerrand boy but we NEVER hear from him again. Why even have this in the book at all. Just put it in the beginning of book 4 when the story will pick back up.

        The addition of demons “polluting the hearts of men” could easily been the next phase of the series. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and was confusing.

        Overall, I still enjoy the series but defiantly need book 4 to finish this story, similar to the way book 1 and 2 work together.

  • Ashley Green
    Posted at 06:17h, 18 September Reply

    I could not put this story down. A lot of stories similar to this fall flat, but yours are so detailed that it keeps the books interesting while staying the pace. You never miss a moment to keep us informed, but it’s in a way that I don’t feel like I’m reading Chapter 1 over and over and over.
    Like the others, I cannot wait for book 4!

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