September 2021 Update

September 2021 Update

Hello Readers,

I know it’s been a while since my last update. COVID hit my family early in the pandemic, and to be honest, I couldn’t get my mind into the right place. I’m back now, and I’ve been hard at work getting caught up on my series. Here is the latest!

Fate of the Fallen, Book 1 in the Shroud of Prophecy Series, has a new cover by Artist Halil Ural. This new cover art was introduced for the release of the paperbacks, which are available for purchase now wherever books are sold.

Destiny of the Dead, Book 2 in the Shroud of Prophecy Series (SOP), was slated for release this November, but due to logistical issues with the printer, this release has been pushed back to March 22, 2022 (all formats).

Many people have asked if I’ve given up on King’s Dark Tidings (KDT), and the answer is a resounding NO! I could never give up on KDT. This is an ongoing series, and I hope to still be writing in the KDT universe for as long as I’m writing fantasy. If you’re waiting for me to finish KDT before starting SOP, you’re going to be waiting a while because I intend to keep up the KDT awesomeness for years to come. This will include not only a few more additional installments in Rezkin’s story but other prequels, side stories, and spin-offs as well. Please consider trying out SOP while you’re waiting. Now that I’m back on track, I hope to keep the new installments coming a bit faster–but no pressure, right? So, what’s next?

A Mage of No Renown is on track to be released this coming spring. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I get one from the audiobook publisher. This book follows our favorite battle mage, Journeyman Wesson, from childhood until he meets up with Rezkin and the crew in Reign of Madness (KDT Book 2). While this book can be read as a stand-alone or before KDT, it fits best between KDT books 4 and 5. You get to see a bit of what’s happening in Ashai during the time Rezkin is in training at the northern fortress, and some of the questions you might have had about KDT may be addressed. It’s also a great way to get excited for the yet-to-be-named KDT Book 5, which will be released shortly after A Mage of No Renown (MoNR). In MoNR, you’ll be introduced to new characters, some of whom have been mentioned or alluded to in KDT, and I think it will make KDT5 a more interesting read. So please check out A Mage of No Renown this Spring!

Another question I often get is Where are the KDT print versions? They’re coming! Along with the release of MoNR and KDT5, you will also see releases of KDT in print! Yes, they will be available in hard cover for those who like to collect, and later in paperback! So save up your book money, because lots of good stuff is coming next Spring!

Lastly, I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Come follow me for more great ways to get news and other goodies. New merchandise and swag is coming, but you can still check out the custom KDT T-shirts available in my online store.

Thanks for reading!


  • John C. Defoor
    Posted at 02:21h, 13 September Reply

    Looking forward to all your new books in both settings keep up the great work!!

  • Shane Severns
    Posted at 19:46h, 12 September Reply

    Thanks so much for the update. Rezkin is by far one of my favorite characters every written! Hope all your family is doing well. I am glad to hear you are able to get back to what is truly an amazing ability to weave stories!

  • Mark Hickling
    Posted at 18:25h, 12 September Reply

    I am so sorry to hear that you and or your family were struck with the virus. I hope you have suffered nothing long lasting from it.

    It’s so good to get an update “yay” and even better to hear that you intend to keep KDT going for a long time yet.

    I have given the other series a go and enjoyed them, but Rez comes first for me. I’m interested in a bit of back story of everyone’s favourite mage definitely.

    Thank you so much for getting printed copies please I’ll take all of them signed :)… Ah just playing, just to own physical copies will be amazing.

    And lastly thanks for the update it’s good to hear all is well again. Take care

  • Fantasy Files Podcast
    Posted at 16:22h, 12 September Reply

    We are sooo excited for AMoNR and book 5! Great to hear there will be hardcovers as well! We love your work, and really appreciate the stories you’ve given us that we’ve read multiple times. Also, thank you for putting a progress bar on your website, it is such a unique and great way to connect with your fans and let them know where you’re at. Keep up the great work, anything you put out will be a day one pick up for us!

    Your #1 fanboys,
    The Fantasy Files Podcast

  • Mark
    Posted at 16:10h, 12 September Reply

    Huzzah! This is awesome news, well not the bit about your family suffering. I hope you have all come through with no lasting nastiness.

    Thank you for taking the time for an update it’s such a relief to hear things are still progressing.

    And omg! Woot woot actual books yes, yes, yes, yes. Please sign me up for the first copy, signed… No I’ll just be happy to buy everything.

    Posted at 15:04h, 12 September Reply

    So sorry to hear that your family had to experiance Covid-19. As much as we love books being released quickly at the end of the day you are still a(n amazing) human being and we need to keep that in mind. I love your books and the worlds/lore you are creating. Keep it up!

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